NFL insider Ian Rapoport completely spaces out on live TV

Being an NFL insider is hard work. Constantly breaking stories, talking with agents, staying up to date with everything that’s happening in league. It all takes a toll – especially as Week 1 of the season approaches.

Ian Rapoport unwittingly gave the world a glimpse behind the curtain on Wednesday. During a live segment on NFL Network, Rapoport appeared not to be aware that he was on live TV, and completely spaced out as Andrew Siciliano tried to throw the broadcast to him.

“Does he know he’s on camera?” fellow NFL Network personality Mike Garafolo asked.

The answer was a resounding no. Rapoport blinked a few times, stared at the ground for a few moments, then let out a full-faced yawn as his co-hosts made some jokes at his expense.

“This is fantastic,” Garafolo said. “Look at this. This is better than anything he was going to say. He’s got a return monitor. How does he not know? Ian, wake up! What are you doing?”

They tried to get back to football, but as Garafolo got into a conversation about Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims, Rapoport appeared to snap back to reality.

“I’ve been here the whole time,” Rapoport said, smiling.

“You have not been here! You were in another world, another stratosphere. You were daydreaming. The rest of the class was ready, you were just off on your own,” Garafolo said.

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