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In protest of NIKE's Dylan Mulvaney ads, the 'Burn Bra Challenge' has taken over TikTok

After NIKE hired transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to sell the company's sports bras and tights, some women went on TikTok and joined the 'Burn Bra Challenge' to destroy their NIKE sports bras.

The New York Post said that a TikTok user who goes by the name "chatterbox.mama" and calls herself a "southern mama" posted her "Burn Bra Challenge" on Tuesday. In it, she lights an NIKE women's sports top on fire and tells viewers that she is "sick and tired" of the company pushing women around.

“All you real women out there – we are in the fight of all fights,” the woman said to her more than 140,000 followers.

“Since the 1960s, we have been fighting for the right to be women,” she added. “Nike, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“NIKE, you should be ashamed of yourself. You chose a little boy with no breasts and some junk in his pants to represent real women,” she said, adding, “Nike, I am done with you.”

“I will never, ever buy a Nike product for as long as I live,” she said. “And there are millions and millions and millions of women just like me.”

Burn Bra Challenge' on TikTok over Dylan Mulvaney Nike ads

She then challenged other women to “burn your Nike bras … as a way of showing our solidarity and how serious we are that we will be recognized.”

“We are the queens, your consumers hit you where it hurts, and that’s right in your pocket,” she said, concluding, “I challenge every real woman that is sick of this nonsense. It’s a great night to burn my Nike bras.”

“They’re pushing us around and we’re not doing anything about it!”

She then set fire to two bras by her outdoor pool.

The latest controversy over Mulvaney's endorsement started on April 5, when the sportswear giant signed a deal with a trans activist who is clearly not athletic to dance around in an NIKE sports bra and tights.

Mulvaney also said this on Instagram. "Home for a moment and leaning into cozy workout wear with the new Zenvy pants and Alate bra from @nikewomen! They are so soft and comfy that you can wear them to the gym or just around the house. #feelyourall #teamnike #nikepartner."

Because Mulvaney worked with NIKE, many people said bad things about the company. Caitlyn Jenner, a former Olympian, Riley Gaines, a former college swimming champion, Sharon Davies, a famous British athlete, and Megyn Kelly, a TV and podcast host, were some of the people who didn't like it.

It was Mulvaney's second time calling for a boycott of a company. His first time was when he was selling Bud Light beer.

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