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The boycott of Bud Light cuts sales by a 'staggering' 17%

Market research shows that sales of Bud Light beer have dropped by 17 percent since the company advertised with a guy who says he is a woman, Dylan Mulvaney.

The drop in sales means that Belgium-based brewer Anheuser-Busch only sells five bottles of beer for every six bottles it sold before it started advertising with the self-described "transgender" guy who acts like a happy young girl.

The New York Post reported on April 24 that the latest sales data from NielsenIQ and Bump Williams Consulting shows that Bud Light sales fell 17% in dollars and 21% in volume in the week ending April 15.

“These numbers are staggering,” according to an April 23 report from Insights Express, a beer-focused newsletter. “Right now this is an extremely difficult scenario for Anheuser Busch, the Bud Light brand and for AB distributors.”

Officials at the company are said to have punished two executives for giving the go-ahead for the Mulvaney ads.

The Wall Street Journal shared a chart that showed how sales of Bud Lights were going down while sales of Coors Light and Miller Light were going up:

Bump Williams Consulting

Rasmussen polled 1,041 people on April 18 and found that sales would go down. A poll found that 54% of Americans want to stop drinking Bud Light. This includes 53% of men, 57% of white respondents, 66% of Republicans, and 57% of people under the age of 40. About one-third of people in each income group say they "strongly support" the boycott.

This shows how strongly Americans disagree with the elites who back Mulvaney's transgender ideology, which wants to get rid of the popular and helpful differences between men and women and boys and girls in society and the law. This would give government officials and their political friends a lot of chances to use the resulting civic conflicts and personal harm to their economic and political advantage.

Other companies that hired Mulvaney to sell beauty, clothing, and hygiene goods for women have been boycotted because of the beer boycott.

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