Central bankers blame the victims in order to divide and rule

The elite playbook: blame the people so they fight each other.

The world's central bankers seem to have lost faith that they can fix the inflation they caused, so they are moving on to Plan B: blaming the people. That's why we fight.

Last week, Huw Pill, the head of the Bank of England's economics department, said the quiet part out loud: "British households and businesses need to accept that they are poorer and stop asking for pay raises and raising prices."

In the UK, inflation is currently in the double digits, and food prices have gone up 19% in the last year. So if you don't get a raise, you might have to skip a meal.

A poll from a large British insurance company found that rising prices could force 57% of small businesses in Britain to close.

So, you commoners need to stop eating and shut down your family business so we can keep stealing from you.


Central Bank Divide and Control

The Guardian says that central bankers have a word for this kind of mass scapegoating: "Greedflation."

So, the fact that central bankers printed trillions of dollars and gave them to states, bankers, and, surely by accident, the rich at the fastest rate in 50 years had nothing to do with double-digit inflation.

So much so that, as of last year, one in every four pounds and almost one in every three dollars had been made in the past three years.


So, the lenders say, "Well, that was just a bunch of luck." What's really going on is that people have become greedy for some strange reason. You see, they weren't greedy before, but now they are, and this needs to stop.

The beauty of the "Greedflation" story is that it not only avoids blaming central banks for their systemic theft, but it also pits the masses against each other while the rich use central banks to steal money.

They are very honest about it: A few weeks ago, the European Central Bank asked on Twitter, "What really causes inflation? Earnings or profits?"

Get it, voter? Is it the greedy business people on the right or the greedy workers on the left?

They do this because if they can get half of the country to blame the other half, the bankers and politicians who really caused the problem can't be blamed. While we fight, they can go back to taking our life savings and hopes for the future.

It makes you wonder if Americans, Britons, and Europeans aren't really trying to kill each other. That maybe we all agree the system is broken, but our leaders do everything they can to make us fight with each other.

This divide between the masses has been going on for a long time, at least since the Federal Reserve was created and since Western governments took on an activist role that turned them from responsible guardians of the common good—fixing potholes, dredging ports, the "night watchman" state—into existential political footballs in the service of the elite that could be used against the masses.

During the last financial crisis, they used this plan to perfection. They took the right-wing Tea Party and the left-wing Occupy Movement away from the bankers who had just stolen from the country and turned them against each other. They'll definitely try again.

And what do you have to do with it? Make do with less, take one for the team, and fight your neighbor so that the rich can keep stealing from all of us and our children.

The Mother of All Greed: Government

So, what makes inflation happen? Yes, this is greed, but it's government greed. In the form of printing trillions of dollars to buy votes and bribe people to accept lockdowns and other forms of authoritarianism.

Then, when people were hurt by the resulting inflation, central bankers around the world raised interest rates to crush the private economy. By getting rid of the rest of us, they keep the door open for record deficits.

We lose our jobs so that governments can keep spending money, buying votes, and rewarding their friends and backers.

The answer is simple. In fact, shrinking the government is so easy that it will never happen. Reduce deficits to zero and use the money saved to get rid of the bureaucrats and regulators who are holding back job creation, innovation, and small companies, which are becoming more and more rare.

This could be done as soon as tomorrow by central banks. By standing up and telling their leaders, "No more." No more trillion-dollar debts being paid for by the central bank, and no more crushing the people to make ends meet for the central bank.

There's no chance that this will happen, of course. Not until people ask for it, either because they are angry or because they are desperate.

One might hope people do get angry. Before they can't lose anymore.

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