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54% Support Bud Light Boycott

Rasmussen found that 54 percent of American adults want to stop buying products from Anheuser-Busch because the company used a transgender person to market Bud Light.

Just 30% of Americans are against the ban.

When asked if they thought big companies paid too much or not enough attention to transgender issues, 52 percent said "too much" and only 18 percent said "not enough." Fifteen percent said it's "about right."

When asked if putting a transvestite on a Bud Light can would make them more likely or less likely to buy it, only 19% said "more likely," while 40% said "less likely." Three-sevenths of them said it didn't matter.

I totally get why people are upset about this, but I have to agree with Donald Trump Jr. on this one:

Donald Trump Jr called on conservatives to end their boycott of Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch as many on the right have expressed outrage at the company for partnering with a transgender woman.

The former president’s son spoke on his show “Triggered With Don Jr.”

“I’m not for destroying an American, an iconic company for something like this,” he said.

Well, I guess I don't agree with Don Jr. on everything. I'm not calling for the boycott to stop. I don't "call" for things. No one would listen if I did. And even if they did listen, I wouldn't like having that much power.
Donald Trump Jr. opposes Bud Light boycott, citing company's donations to  Republicans | Fox News
My question is this...

Then what?

Who cares if Dylan Mulvaney, who is an adult, wants to live his life as a female who prances around like a surprised reindeer? Yes, he does minstrelsy to make fun of women. Even though I don't like it, it's a free country. He is also a victim in a way. If everyone treats him like a child, he will never get the psychological help he needs.

Who cares if Bud Light wants to market its beer to drag queens, transvestites, and transsexuals?

Now, if Bud Light did a Disney and put a transgender person on a box of crayons or something else for kids, that would be a different problem. But it was a beer can.

Americans have lived well with transvestites, transsexuals, and drag queens for as long as I can remember. Go be gay. Go act like you're a girl. Cut off your John. Doesn't matter. Before he started trying to get kids to like him, I didn't mind RuPaul. Too Wong Foo (1995), Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), and John Waters are some of the movies we've seen. Some Like It Hot and Bosom Buddies came close, but they were not as good.And then...

Too many of these perverts went to war with us and tried to get our kids to do sexual things.

Then things started to change.

That's when the fight started.

It all began with Nazis and groomers.

We were suddenly threatened because we didn't believe biological and science lies about being born the wrong sex or switching sexes by magic.

All of a sudden, we were picked on because we didn't think it was okay for grown men in high heels to use the same bathroom and locker room as our girls.

Cheaters claimed to be women so they could win sports trophies, and we were told to clap.

Worst of all, we are supposed to keep quiet while drag queens publicly flirt with and play with the sexuality of people who are too young to consent.

We are even supposed to be okay with using puberty blockers and surgeries to forever change the bodies of children. This is something that would have happened in a Nazi concentration camp.

But when it comes to "live and let live," I have a big red line that you can see from space.

I don't care what free-willed people do with their lives. What companies do has nothing to do with me. I do not care. I don't care as long as they don't pick on me or other kids.

I would never put a cross-dresser on a beer can.

But I would also never force a beer company to choose someone to sell its beer who I didn't like.

I won't let the corporate media and the Democrats get me to cross my red line. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, if my neighbor wears a dress or a beer company advertises a guy in a dress, it doesn't hurt me. It doesn't steal from me or hurt me.

P.S. Shares of Anheuser-Busch are up 6.3% for the month.

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