15 female ex-Redskins employees accuse co-workers of sexual harassment

Fifteen female former Redskins employees are accusing the organization of sexual harassment and fostering a toxic culture of abuse, according to an explosive report by the Washington Post.

The women say they were subject to unwelcome comments and sexual advances, and encouraged to dress provocatively and flirt with sales clients. Of the five male employees at the center of the accusations, three left the organization in the last week as The Post presented findings to the team and asked for response.

Team owner Daniel Snyder is not accused of sexual harassment, but members of his inner circle are, and he was blamed for supplying an understaffed human relations department, belittling employees and creating fear in his employees within the report.

It is unclear if Snyder’s ownership of the Redskins — he bought the team in 1999 and is in the process of changing the team name from a derogatory slur for Native Americans — could be in jeopardy. Former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was prompted to sell the team after a sexual misconduct investigation in 2017.

Allegations were made against longtime radio broadcaster Larry Michael (retired Wednesday), director of pro personnel Alex Santos (fired last week), assistant director of pro personnel Richard Mann II (fired last week) former COO Mitch Gershman (left in 2015) and former president of business operations Dennis Greene (left in 2018).

Some of the allegations include men looking up through a transparent staircase to get a look up skirts; emails, text messages and other sexual propositioning that included hotel room numbers while on trips; text messages from Mann about whether a woman’s breasts were “real or fake is the debate” and how he might give “an inappropriate hug … And don’t worry that will be a stapler in my pocket, nothing else.”