TikTok bans Russia, which means that Xi is canceling Putin

Russia's state-run media sites, Russia Today and Sputnik, have had a lot of their social media access cut off in the European Union. We've seen the most severe restrictions on RT and Sputnik that social media companies have ever put on them. The moves were announced by social media companies like Facebook and TikTok.

Google put the same restrictions on YouTube on Wednesday, after stopping Russian state media from posting ads or making money on both YouTube and Google. When big tech companies like Apple and Google moved to California, everyone thought they would follow suit. But no one thought TikTok would do the same! This is what Insider heard from TikTok: It said that it would also ban RT and Sputnik and their European affiliates.

Why does a Chinese company not allow Russian stores, when they have a lot of good things to say about each other? However, if you've been reading our stories about how complicated the relationships have become over the last few years, you'll know what this new development is all about now, too. Beijing under Xi Jinping hasn't been there for Vladimir Putin when he needed it the most.
Only partners, not allies, will do.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China and Russia were just "comprehensive strategic partners," which is what they are. "Non-alliance, non-confrontation, and non-targeting of any third party" are the words of a spokesman.

a lot of words and terms were used. China, on the other hand, is trying to figure out ways to keep Russia in a relationship that is only for the sake of it. People in Beijing don't want to help Russia fight a war, and they don't want to fight a third party for them.

Wang also seemed to favor Ukraine. He said that Beijing was aware of "Russia's legitimate security concerns." At the same time, he said that all countries should be able to keep their own sovereignty and land. He said China was always on the side of peace and justice when asked whether China was trying to be neutral.

At the time of the Winter Olympics, China had been left out of the diplomatic picture. So, Xi tried to get a picture with Putin to make things right. He called it the friendship of the century. When China wants to be rich, it needs help from German carmakers and Japanese electronics companies as well as American people who want to buy their products. For that, it has to have faith in NATO and the EU, as well. Xi Jinping has dropped Putin from his geopolitical calculations because of these and other reasons.

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