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Tom Brady didn’t hide torn MCL from Buccaneers: ‘Thought everyone knew’

According to Tampa Bay quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen, the severity of the injury wasn't a secret within the Buccaneers’ locker room.

Tom Brady’s knee injury may not have been a mystery after all. 

In July, news first surfaced that Brady had played the entirety of last season with a torn MCL in his left knee, an injury that warranted “pretty serious” surgery in February. Yet according to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen, the severity of the injury had not been a secret to the Buccaneers.

“I thought everyone knew, [about his torn MCL],” Christensen said in a recent appearance on CBS Sports Radio. “When I first met him, he said, ‘Hey, my knee’s not 100 percent but with the tape job and stuff I’ll make it through the season and after the season we’ll get her fixed up.’

Tom Brady works out with the Buccaneers
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“He really does have a unique understanding of his body and competing and what it takes and can manage it. … He kind of managed it. We tried to be smart. We really didn’t modify much. We rested him like we would any veteran player at certain opportunities during the season.” 

The Buccaneers never disclosed Brady’s aliment on any of their injury reports during the regular season and playoffs.

The injury certainly didn’t appear to pose any limitations for Brady, who threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns. The 43-year-old played in all 16 regular-season games and four postseason matchups en route to a Super Bowl victory, not once appearing on an injury report. 

This story originally appeared on: NyPost - Author:Jared Greenspan

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