Debunking 10 of Joe Biden’s lies regarding the status of the US economy

'Inflation is the bane of our existence,' President Biden complained last week to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Unfortunately, he was referring to inflation’s influence on presidential approval ratings, not the hardship of everyday Americans brutalized to pay for gas and groceries.

The president’s speech Tuesday to the AFL-CIO was another Team Biden pity party that hard facts were not permitted to disrupt.

CLAIM: Biden said that he had "put America in a position to deal with inflation, which is a worldwide problem that is worse everywhere but here."

REALITY: Were the people who wrote Joe's speeches using "Common Core" math, which gets rid of all bad numbers? Inflation is 8.6% in the United States, 5.4% in South Korea, 5.1% in Australia, and 6.8% in Canada.

CLAIM: Biden kept saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin was to blame for price increases in the United States.

REALITY: But earlier this year, National Public Radio reported that "between 2019 and 2021, the US had one of the biggest increases in inflation rates in the world, after Brazil and Turkey." Before Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden had caused inflation to go up four times, to 7%. Last month, wholesale price inflation was almost 11%, which means that things are going to get worse for US consumers.

Oil imports
Biden accused US oil companies of making excessive profits.
NY Post
Gas prices
Gas prices have soared about $5 across the United States.
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call/Sipa U

CLAIM: Biden said on Wednesday that US oil companies make too much money. He told them to "do something right away" to get more gasoline and diesel fuel.

REALITY: The energy markets have been messed up by Biden's own policies. The American Petroleum Institute gave Biden a list of 10 things he could do to reduce supply disruptions. These steps include ending the blocking of permits for natural-gas projects, removing restrictions on development on federal lands and waters, and getting rid of steel tariffs put in place by Trump.

CLAIM: Biden seems to think that ranting in public can make people trust him as a leader again. He shouted at the AFL-CIO crowd, "I don't want to hear any more lies about wasteful spending. We're making a difference!"

REALITY: Analysts at the Federal Reserve said that Biden's flood of handouts added 3% to the inflation rate by the end of last year. Since the start of the pandemic, the Federal Reserve has increased the amount of money in circulation by 40%. This has caused prices to go up everywhere.

CLAIM: The president told the AFL-CIO that he wants to fight inflation by giving new child care subsidies. Biden said in Chicago, "Child care costs you between $12,000 and $14,000 a month." Does that include getting to and from the day care centers in a limousine or what?

REALITY: The White House Press Office quietly added "[year]" after the word "month" to the official transcript. But it didn't change the idea that a flood of new federal handouts would magically make prices go down.

CLAIM: Biden's plan to fight rising food prices in the US by building temporary grain silos in western Ukraine and eastern Poland to make wheat exports easier may have been the biggest mistake in his speech.

REALITY: Silos won't help consumers in the U.S. or anywhere else outside of Europe enough to be worth the trouble. Talking points that aren't very interesting and are used in presidential speeches can't replace bread.

Joe Biden
Biden said during the AFL-CIO convention that his administration’s spending was “changing peoples’ lives.”

CLAIM: Biden bragged about cutting the federal deficit by almost $2 trillion in his first two years.

REALITY: But almost all of that is because the baseline for 2020 was a wave of deficit spending related to the pandemic. The Congressional Budget Office says that from 2023 to 2032, there will be average deficits of $1.6 trillion per year. This will lead to the highest ratio of federal debt to GDP in U.S. history.

CLAIM: Biden claimed that he had “created the greatest job recovery in American history. . . . Since I’ve become president, we’ve created 8.7 million new jobs in 16 months.”

REALITY: Does it count as a "new job" just because politicians stopped telling people they couldn't go to work? Almost all of Biden's "success story" is just jobs coming back after the shutdowns and disruptions caused by the pandemic. says that the number of jobs in the U.S. this year will be about the same as in 2019.

CLAIM: Biden boasted, “We opened schools and businesses that were shuttered.”

REALITY: Most of the work to keep schools closed was done by teachers unions, which have been a part of the Democratic Party for decades. Democratic governors did a lot more to keep their states' economies stable.

CLAIM: Biden portrayed his COVID policies as part of his economic success story: “We brought down COVID deaths by 90%.”

REALITY: Since Biden became president, more than 600,000 people have died from COVID. This is 50% more than died during the Trump administration. In January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were hearing about more than 1 million new COVID cases every day. The White House says that there could be up to 100 million new COVID cases this fall and winter, so Biden should hurry up with his latest COVID victory lap.

Biden goes back and forth between saying that he is responsible for everything good that happens in America and saying that he is just a bystander to the economy going crazy. There are a lot of biased websites that check facts and are ready to clear progressive policies and Democratic politicians. But the sad numbers that Americans see every day at the gas pump can't be fixed. Maybe Biden's only chance is for the fact checkers to say, "Don't believe your lying eyes!"


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