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New York Times launches campaign to get rid of Joe Biden

The far-left New York Times just started an all-out campaign to get His Fraudulency Joe Biden kicked out of office.

This is the thing about corporate media... Everything the media do, report, and focus on is done with one goal in mind: advancing the left's fascist agenda, which puts a central government in charge of everyone's life in America.

You see, the corporate media will never change, never get better, never be decent, truthful, or honest. All they will do is get worse. The only thing the media cares about is what helps their fascist cause. Once you know and accept that, everything the media does makes perfect sense.

So, I'll talk about the New York Times...

On Sunday, the Times published a piece attacking Joe Biden over his age.

Here’s the Times’ brutal framing:

Just a year and a half into his first term, Mr. Biden is already more than a year older than Ronald Reagan was at the end of two terms. If he mounts another campaign in 2024, Mr. Biden would be asking the country to elect a leader who would be 86 at the end of his tenure, testing the outer boundaries of age and the presidency. Polls show many Americans consider Mr. Biden too old, and some Democratic strategists do not think he should run again.

He often shuffles when he walks, and aides worry he will trip on a wire. He stumbles over words during public events, and they hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe.

On Monday, the Times released a devastating poll that shows 64 percent of Democrats — Democrats! — want to vote for someone other than Joe in 2024, while only 24 percent want to vote for Joe. This poll also shows that Biden's overall job approval rating has dropped to just 33%.

Here’s how the Times framed that poll:

For Mr. Biden, that bleak national outlook has pushed his job approval rating to a perilously low point. Republican opposition is predictably overwhelming, but more than two-thirds of independents also now disapprove of the president’s performance, and nearly half disapprove strongly. Among fellow Democrats his approval rating stands at 70 percent, a relatively low figure for a president, especially heading into the 2022 midterms when Mr. Biden needs to rally Democrats to the polls to maintain control of Congress.

In a sign of deep vulnerability and of unease among what is supposed to be his political base, only 26 percent of Democratic voters said the party should renominate him in 2024.

Mr. Biden has said repeatedly that he intends to run for re-election in 2024. At 79, he is already the oldest president in American history, and concerns about his age ranked at the top of the list for Democratic voters who want the party to find an alternative.

We are used to the Times doing things like that to hurt Republicans. Not Democrats. Never Democrats. So, what's up...?

If you don't know how the corrupt media work, you might look at these stories and think, "Wow, the New York Times has finally been forced to tell the truth!"

Someone would be wrong, though.

You should instead ask yourself this...

Biden's mental and physical decline has been CLEAR for two years. So why, after two years of lying, ignoring, spinning, and covering up the truth, is the Times now telling the truth?


The New York Times has been rigging polls to help Democrats and change public opinion for decades, so why release this bombshell poll now?

Well, it all comes back to what I said above... The only goal of the corporate media is to help the fascist cause of the left. So, if you put that Leftist Cause Filter on these two stories from The New York Times, you get the answer: it's best for the fascist cause of the left to get rid of Joe Biden.

The Times wants Biden to leave his job. People want him to leave. Period. His age, dementia, failures, jaw-dropping incompetence, and growing unpopularity are now a threat to the fascist cause of the left, so the Times wants him gone.

It's really that easy.

You could say that the Times is trying to convince Joe not to run for a second term so that another Democrat has a better chance of beating Trump and advancing the fascist cause of the left.

You could also say that the Times wants Joe to leave right this second. Consider it... Joe steps down because of his health and his family. Kamala Harris, who was her vice president, becomes president. The first president who is a woman! The first president who is black! In 2024, Democrats might get together to protect that history. Even if the Times thinks the Democrats have already lost the 2024 presidential election, they still get a couple of firsts with Kamala.

Joe Biden is done either way. The knives are out, and things will get even worse for His Fraudulency after the November midterms, when Democrats will be wiped out.


Pop some popcorn and watch the show!

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