"French police kill man ...": New York Times headline on Samuel Paty's beheading sparks uproar

The US media sort of called the attacker a victim, ignoring the terrorist nature of the attack.

Friday, October 16, a terrorist beheaded a teacher in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, because, according to him, he had "soiled" the image of the prophet in front of his students. An attack qualified as terrorist by the French authorities but not for the New York Times. In its article devoted to the attack, the American media first headlines "French Police shoot and Kill Man after a fatal Knife attack on the Street", to understand: "The French Police kill a man after a fatal knife attack in the street ”. One way to reduce the size and nature of the terrorist attack for many observers and to pass off the attacker as a victim of police fire.


(...) On social networks, many internet users have protested against this title, starting with English politician Peter Whittle. "This is how the ever more repulsive New York Times orchestrated the beheading of a teacher in France yesterday," he denounces. For Le Figaro journalist Eugénie Bastié, this headline is "the art of denial in the American multiculturalist press: 'French police shoot dead man after fatal knife attack in the street,'" she says.

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