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Joe Biden struggles with sport coat and drops sunglasses while FBI raid on Trump

President Joe Biden was noticeably disoriented Monday as he struggled to put his sport coat back on during a visit to Kentucky while that FBI raid on Trump.

After leaving, the president took a moment to put on his sports coat again, but it took him a while to get his arms back into the sleeves.

After his arms got caught up, he finally asked First Lady Jill Biden for help.

Still wearing his mask, the president finally got his coat to fit right, but then his aviator sunglasses fell off his face. He had to bend down and pick them up.

When he got close to Air Force One, he took off his mask and walked over to reporters to talk.

As he walked toward the reporters, he asked, "Are you hot enough?"

The president, who had coronavirus and was just getting better, coughed a lot as he talked and answered some questions about his trip.


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