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Trump Supporters gather in front of Mar-a-Lago After the FBI raid

Outside of Mar-a-Lago, people who support former President Donald Trump are gathering after he said that the FBI raided his home on Monday.

Social media is full of videos of people waving flags and honking horns to show their support for the 45th president as they arrive.

Trump Supporters Rally Near Mar-a-Lago Amid FBI Search – NBC 6 South Florida

Protesters descend upon Trump's Mar-a-Lago after FBI raid

Reports say that local police, not the Secret Service, are telling the supporters to leave. The Secret Service usually guards the property. One Twitter user, though, said that Trump supporters were still coming to show their support for the former president, even though police had asked them not to.

The scenes of Trump supporters coming to show their support for the former president remind me of when hundreds of people gathered outside of Walter Reed hospital in October 2020 to show their support for the then-president, who was admitted after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Monday night, the former president said in a long statement that the FBI had searched his Mar-a-Lago home.

Horde Of Trump Supporters Descends On Mar-a-Lago In The Hours Following  Shock FBI Raid - Planetnewspost
Trump said, "These are dark times for our country, as a large group of FBI agents are currently besieging, raiding, and living in my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida." "A President of the United States has never had anything like this happen before."

Several major news outlets said that Trump brought classified information from the White House to Mar-a-Lago, which is why the raid happened.

Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer, said that the raid looked like "misconduct."

"The raid is meant to be the last option. But, Dershowitz said, "this administration has turned the justice system into a weapon against its political enemies." "This is wrong, and you should not do it."

In a May interview with Kristina Wong of Breitbart News, Kash Patel, a former top official in the Trump administration, said that the documents had already been declassified by then-President Donald Trump, but the markings had not been changed.

The raid is said to have happened while Trump was at Trump Tower in New York City.

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