Trumpists' last stand in Washington

Several people demonstrated in Washington on Saturday to show their 'love' for the president, whom they believe to be the victim of electoral 'theft'.

“President Trump deserves to see who is behind him. "Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump demonstrated Saturday in Washington, in a rather festive last stand, to show their" love "for the president, whom they believe to be the victim of an electoral" theft ", without being able to provide proof. A tide of American flags, red "Make America Great Again" caps and "Stop the theft" signs covered the Freedom Plaza at midday, not far from the White House. An unusual scene in the heart of the American federal capital, which on November 3 voted more than 90% for Joe Biden, whose Donald Trump and his most loyal supporters still refuse to recognize the victory, announced a week ago.

The American president, who had hinted in a tweet the day before that he could come and greet them, was able to see some of his supporters from his armored limousine when he left the White House in the morning to go to the golf course. “Hundreds of thousands of people are showing their support in (Washington) DC. They will not accept a rigged and corrupt election! He tweeted in the afternoon, obviously exaggerating the size of the crowd. Its spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany even went even further by evoking in defiance of the facts "more than a million people".

Campaign meeting atmosphere

In an atmosphere of a campaign rally, with music and street vendors, most of the demonstrators did not wear masks and still said they believed in the possibility of a second term for the Republican. "It's going to be very complicated, but anything is possible with the help of God," said Kathleen Erickson, whose plane to Washington, from Colorado, was "full of Trump supporters." Originally from Pennsylvania, one of the most contested states, Greg calls for patience until the legal remedies initiated by the Republican camp are exhausted: “If it works, Trump will win. Otherwise, we will be back in four years. The shops in the city center of the capital, cut off to traffic, were still largely barricaded on Saturday behind plywood sheets, the announcement of counter-demonstrations raising fears of clashes despite the large police presence.

All-state results have now been announced by major US television stations. Joe Biden won 306 voters, against 232 for the outgoing president, the reverse score of the victory of the Republican billionaire who then spoke of a "tidal wave" against Hillary Clinton in 2016. A recount of the votes must take place in Georgia, where the gap is very small between the two candidates, but its outcome will not change the final result: Joe Biden has, whatever happens in this state, the 270 voters necessary to open the doors of the White House. The former vice president of Barack Obama, who will turn 78 next week, went out for a bike ride Saturday morning near his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Donald Trump, he continues to maintain confusion about his intentions. It seemed Friday on the verge of recognizing the victory of his rival, before recovering in extremis. "I think time will tell which administration we will have, but whatever happens in the future, who knows, I can tell you that this administration will not impose lockdown," he said. Several federal agencies have directly contradicted the president. "The November 3 election was the safest in US history," several local and national election authorities, including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), said in a joint statement, which depends on the Ministry of Homeland Security.

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