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Money pot, call for donations ... how the Trump clan tries to finance its appeals against the election

Determined to challenge the results of the presidential election in court, the Trump clan is increasing calls for donations. In particular, an 'election defense fund' was created, aimed at deploying a judicial offensive against so-called 'fraud'.

After the money to finance the campaign, the money to finance the appeals! Donald Trump is turning to the courts to try to keep control of the White House while his relatives organize the response, both on the legal and political front by calling for donations.

The President's eldest son Donald Trump Jr, 42, and his brother, 36, Eric Trump, mounted a fundraising campaign to fund legal efforts to challenge election results in key states won by Joe Biden.

The outgoing president and the party continue to actively fundraise, offering by SMS and email to donors to join an "Election Defense Fund", aimed at deploying a judicial offensive against the alleged " frauds "of the US presidential election.

Donald Trump is looking by all means to fund the remedies. Lately, it was reported via Newsweek that a personal helicopter of the outgoing US President, which he has not used since 2016, has gone on sale and could be priced as high as $ 1.5 million.

Admittedly, the legal proceedings will in fact be expensive in legal fees, but the donations collected for several days by Donald Trump would not only be used to finance an Electoral Defense Fund.

According to the Wall Street Journal, these fundraisers will also be used to pay off campaign bills and to bail out the Republican Party.

When you go to the donation page, the newspaper says, it says that 50% of any contribution will be used to pay down the general election campaign debt and 50% to recount the votes.

Also according to the Wall Street Journal, other calls for Trump's donation in recent days ask for help to "protect the integrity of this election," but lead to a donation page for the "Make America Great Again" committee. by Donald Trump. The fine print on these solicitations then indicates that 60% of a contribution goes to help pay off campaign debt and 40% goes to the Republican Party.

As Les Echos specifies, the organizers of the fundraisers even offer supporters to make a weekly donation until December 14, date of the official vote of the 538 electorate members of the electoral college.

Note that Joe Biden has also launched his "Biden Fight Fund", a call for contributions to finance future legal battles. It says, in fine print, that "the first $ 142,000 of any contribution goes to the Democratic National Committee, and the next $ 2,800 goes to Mr. Biden's 'recount' account."

The legal battle in which Donald Trump is engaged to contest the results remains very uncertain, while the official results must be certified, state by state, by December 8.

This Monday, the American Minister of Justice Bill Barr gave the green light to the opening of investigations into possible irregularities which Trump assures us that it was tainted with "fraud", without providing any evidence.

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