Donald Trump's denial destabilizes US diplomacy

The leaders of the allied countries of the United States rushed Tuesday, November 10 to pledge their cooperation to the future president-elect Joe Biden. Despite this, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters of the prospect of a 'second' term for Donald Trump, confusing and angering American diplomats stationed abroad.

When Mike Pompeo lands in France next Friday, will he continue to deny the defeat of Donald Trump to his foreign interlocutors? This is in any case what the head of American diplomacy suggested on Tuesday in Washington, reports NPR: questioned by the press on the measures taken by the State Department to promote the transition with the teams of President-elect Joe Biden, Mike Pompeo refused to acknowledge the Democrat's victory. “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” he blurted out in a neutral tone before sketching a smile.

Statements that stunned US diplomats stationed abroad, according to CNN. Several senior officials told the US broadcaster that they had "received no direction from the State Department" on the matter. They "are angry and confused as to whether Pompeo is suggesting that they should tell their counterparts that Trump will somehow get a second term, which they know is next to impossible," CNN explains. And yet, Pompeo continues to highlight this possibility. ”

Asked a little later by Fox News, the US foreign minister toned down his point slightly while still insinuating that Joe Biden’s victory was not established. “We'll see what the people have decided” when all the votes have been counted, he said.

"Republicans must speak out"

“Pompeo is one of Trump’s most loyal confidants. He rarely opposes him in public, ”Politico recalls. Nonetheless, the reluctance of the US foreign minister and other Republican officials "to accept the election results is just further proof that Trump does not intend to step down easily," the online magazine said.

After his visit to France, Mike Pompeo will fly to Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia, all of the United States’s close allies whose leaders have congratulated Joe Biden.

"Why do most Republicans remain silent in the face of this blatant takeover?" Asks Elvia Diaz, columnist and member of the editorial board of the daily Arizona Republic, believing that the Trump administration is in the process of staging a coup.

“No one is afraid of a 'lame duck' president (the name given in the United States to the head of state during the transition period before the new president takes office). So what is it? ”She wonders. For the sake of the country, Republicans must speak up and accept the will of the people. If they don't, Democrats and everyone else must fight like hell to protect the integrity of the elections before it is too late. "

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