Biden goes to work ignoring Trump's resistance

The Saudi press had repeatedly presented Joe Biden as the heir to Barack Obama, president hated in Riyadh for his Middle Eastern policies. But even in Riyadh, we end up being right. Not without some hiccups.

United States President-elect Joe Biden set to work on Monday to organize his future assumption of office around his number one priority, the fight against the pandemic, ignoring Donald Trump, who still refuses to admit his defeat.

As expected, the very first act of the transition of the Democrat, declared the winner of the November 3 presidential election on Saturday, was to set up a crisis unit in charge of fighting Covid-19, of which he revealed the names of the members. Monday morning.

Accompanied by his future vice-president Kamala Harris, he is due to speak in the morning from his city of Wilmington, Delaware, on the roadmap he intends to follow upon entering the White House, scheduled for January 20 , to get the country out of the health and economic crisis.

And one of its first reactions, in a press release released by its transition team, was to welcome the announcement by Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories of a vaccine "90% effective" against Covid-19.

"I congratulate the talented women and men who have helped to achieve this breakthrough and bring us so much reason to hope," he said, indicating that his advisers had been informed on Sunday evening of this "excellent news. ".

"It is at the same time important to realize that it will take more months before the battle against Covid-19 ends", warned, with the caution that characterizes him, the future Democratic president, recalling that "in immediately ", wearing a mask remained" a more effective weapon against the virus than the vaccine ".

"I will be guided by science and experts," he insisted in contrast to the outgoing president, accused of having minimized the pandemic and of having often ignored the recommendations of his own crisis unit.

- Mirror effect -

Donald Trump, whose agenda was, in a striking mirror effect, completely empty for the sixth consecutive day, also greeted "excellent news" after the announcement of Pfizer laboratories on the vaccine.

"The stock market is up sharply," he also welcomed in a tweet in capital letters.

The world markets indeed flew Monday morning on the hope of an effective vaccine, but they were already carried by the announcement of the victory of Joe Biden, which received the congratulations of a large number of world leaders.

However, the Republican billionaire still refuses to recognize that he has lost.

Without speaking in public since Saturday, he promised, in a press release and on Twitter, to increase the number of legal actions on Monday, claiming electoral “fraud” for which he has still not provided evidence.

But their chances of success are very slim, for it would take convincing arguments to invalidate tens of thousands of votes not in one state, but in four or five of them. And so far, his camp has failed to present such a case.

Democrats, who have let their joy burst out, especially in large cities, ignore him, like Joe Biden, who has hardly had a word for the outgoing president since his victory speech on Saturday night.

Resolutely turned towards the transition, the former vice-president of Barack Obama, 77, has put online a site and Twitter accounts for this period separating him from his inauguration.

He announces his priorities: in addition to the fight against the pandemic and economic reconstruction, it is about racial justice and the fight against global warming.

With Kamala Harris, a black senator from California who will become the first female vice-president, he is also working on the composition of his government, in which women and minorities should occupy a large place.

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