The Supreme Court, Donald Trump's last hope?

While Wisconsin was won by Joe Biden, Donald Trump warned: he will exhaust all possible remedies ... until the Supreme Court.

In 2000, the Supreme Court had decided to stop the recount of the votes in Florida, resulting in the victory of George W. Bush against Al Gore. Twenty years later, Donald Trump aims to do the same: after weeks of implying that he was ready for all remedies in the event of Joe Biden's victory, which he believes could only be linked to electoral fraud , the outgoing president intends to implement his plan. “We are going to go to the Supreme Court. We are going to stop the vote ”, he hammered Wednesday, while the postal votes, often counted in a second time, gave little by little the advantage to Joe Biden in States where the Republican was initially in head . “We don't want them to find bulletins at 4 am to add to the list, okay? We are going to win and, as far as I am concerned, we have already won, ”he added, proud to see that the polls which predicted a large victory for Joe Biden were wrong ... as in 2016. S 'he calls for a halt to the votes in Pennsylvania and Georgia, where he is currently first, Donald Trump remains in favor of continuing operations in Nevada and Arizona, two states in which the Democrat is in the lead but which are essential for his re-election after the changeover of Wisconsin and Michigan. Two weights, two presidential measures.

However, Donald Trump's resolve could clash with the reality of exiting the ballot box: Joe Biden not only held the States won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, despite underperforming in Florida, but he managed to win. in crucial Wisconsin and Michigan and to take the lead in Arizona, a Republican stronghold which had not chosen a Democrat for the presidential election since Bill Clinton in 1996. The announcement of Joe Biden's victory in this state, which had been very marked by the passing of its longtime Senator John McCain in the summer of 2018, was made first by Fox News. The conservative channel has drawn, according to CNN, the wrath of the Trump campaign for making this announcement, which they consider very premature. But with 3.4 points ahead of 86% of the ballots counted, Joe Biden's victory in Arizona seems inevitable.

Supreme Court appeal on Pennsylvania would be insufficient

Donald Trump had been preparing this scenario for weeks and had boasted of having rushed the nomination and validation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, allowing him to have a "super majority" of six conservative judges against three progressives . But the Court - without the last appointed - before the ballot drew the wrath of the American president, astonished not to be able to count on an unfailing loyalty of these magistrates appointed for life but supposed to be non-partisan, because it had rejected attempts by Republicans to limit the scope of postal voting in several states.

Donald Trump's most serious appeal could be in Pennsylvania, as the Supreme Court last month refused to speed up proceedings to decide between Republicans and Democrats in the state, with the former battling the latter's decision to count the ballots received up to three days after the election, postmarked as proof. Four judges, including the first two appointed by billionaire Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, said they were ready to hear the case after the vote. But this state alone, despite having 20 voters, would not be enough to secure a victory for Donald Trump, now that Michigan and Wisconsin have eluded him and the momentum is for Biden in Nevada and Arizona. Sensing the tide, the Trump campaign would have even waived a recount in Wisconsin and Michigan, according to CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

Donald Trump, who has so far refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power by denying any defeat and crying out in advance of electoral fraud, is facing one of the most important decisions of his mandate.

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