Confessions of Democratic 'electoral fraud' fuel suspicion

In a New York Post article, an activist details his techniques for tampering with postal voting. Revelations questioned by Democratic supporters.

American democracy threatened? Yes, but by the Democrats! This is a demonstration that could surprise many spectators, used to analyzes of the risks of confiscation of power by Donald Trump. As tension mounts in the United States around the presidential election, and the risks weighing on the vote in the context of the public fight against the coronavirus, the New York Post has indeed published the "confession" of a committed fraudster on the left, who claims to have rigged many federal elections. Basically in New Jersey, where he resides, but describing a system of manipulation that exists in many other states. The motive for making a confession? The activist is said to be a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders and does not see himself supporting Joe Biden's candidacy.

The story is important because, under the pressure of the fight against the coronavirus, many voters announce that they have chosen remote voting this year. This exists in two forms in the US states. The first is proxy voting, favored by the current President for his safety, requiring a request from the voter. The second is the postal ballot, for which it is sufficient to return a form in a specific predistributed envelope.

Opening of envelopes with steam, destruction of votes in Republican districts ...

And it is in these types of votes that the New York Post witness said that fraud "is more a rule than an exception." In support of its demonstration, a real user guide for fraud, with several possible procedures. The first technique consists in using the envelope of a voter, to put there a compulsory democratic ballot. We must first go around the homes and convince citizens to let fraudsters post their voting mail for them. A mission "much easier than you think", according to the fraudster cited by journalist Jonathan Levine, posing as a public service association. Then the envelope is opened with steam, then a new ballot is slipped in, forging the signature. To avoid any suspicion, the reopened envelopes are then disseminated in all the post office boxes in the city.

Postal workers can also easily influence the election, according to the witness. "You have a postman who is a rabid anti-Trump guy and works in Bedminster or in a Republican stronghold ... He can take the [completed] ballots, and knowing that 95% are in favor of a Republican, he can just throw them in the trash, ”he explains. An echo of the history of certain batches of election letters found after the vote, during local elections in New York in 2017?

Another “gold mine” of votes available, living spaces welcoming vulnerable people. “There are retirement homes where the nurse is actually a paid operator. And she goes room by room to see these elderly people, who wish to vote in order to feel useful, ”declares the whistleblower. You just have to fill out the form for them and have them sign what you want ...

Finally, the witness specified that, most of the time, the history of participation in elections is public information in the United States. A last technique, even wilder, therefore consists in going to vote, on an election day, in the place of a citizen registered as non-voting, and who is not likely to come. Some states do not require an identity document. A disconcerting information seen from France which legitimizes the mistrust of some observers for this type of ballot.

The investigation questioned by a progressive observatory

Asked by Fox News, the journalist returned to the origin of the article, stressing that the fraudster came to meet him and delivered "impressive details" of credibility, requiring anonymity in view of the risks involved. Quickly, the Republican camp put forward the publication. Donald Trump's two sons tweeted a link to the article, with Eric Trump calling the work a "must-read."

On the opposition side, the testimony seems to bother the Democratic establishment rather. Likewise, news coverage is coming from predominantly pro-Trump media. Media Matters for America (MMfA), a progressive organization specializing in pro-Republican media monitoring, has, however, looked to the work of the New York Post. It first lists a series of journalists, activists and Republican figures of all kinds who published the article on their twitter account, stressing that "the right-wing media and the GOP [Grand Old Party, Republican Party] have been pushing for several years the myth of electoral fraud to weaken turnout ”. Before quoting a study by the “Brennan Center for Justice”, a progressive think-tank, which certified last April that fraud via “postal ballot” is “misleading speech”.

The observatory goes so far as to question the anonymity of the witness, a principle however sacrosanct in investigative journalism. In the background, a denunciation of the partisan commitment of the New York Post, of the conservative line and of Jonathan Levine, the author of the article. Without giving any concrete answers, this counter-offensive shows above all the extreme polarization reached by the American media system ... and the mistrust reigning over the ballot on November 3.

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