What exactly is Black Lives Matter?

Is it a slogan? A movement? Or a scam?

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter foundation, is difficult to dislike. She has admitted to have made'mistakes' in light of yet another series of facts that imply her world-famous anti-racism organization is little more than a scam.

However, what else could a poor woman do? In the summer of 2020, when the world went berserk over the death of George Floyd, the BLM was unprepared for the unexpected influx of millions upon millions of cash.

It was all "white guilt money," Cullors asserts. Obviously, she is entirely right. In the crazed days of 2020, as riots spread and towns burned, anxious companies donated vast sums of money to whatever 'anti-racism' organization they could find. Airbnb, for example, contributed $500,000 to BLM and the more traditional National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Away donated a total of $700,00 to BLM, the NAACP legal defense fund, Color of Change, and other organizations.

The distribution was so frantic that nearly no one asked where the money was going. Examine the BLM website in April 2020. There was not much activity. The blog had been updated infrequently. It devoted its'resources' to Covid. Its most recent "global action" occurred at the beginning of 2019. Under the Programs page, two entries were present. In 2017, Arts+Culture presented "The Provocateurs," a video series featuring black women. The other event, 'Black Futures Month,' was due to take place in February, but the webpage hadn't been updated since 2019.

Cullors and her companions were unaware that they were sitting upon a gold mine. After George Floyd, the slogan "Black Lives Matter," which had gone relatively viral in 2014 after the murder of Michael Brown, gained virtually instant global recognition.

Every global charity is corrupt, and overnight global meme charities have a propensity to corrupt completely. By the end of the year 2020, smaller BLM chapters and offshoot organizations were already complaining about the organization's lack of openness and lack of support for grassroots organizations.

Cullors appeared to have an almost superhuman ability to raise donations. She signed a "exclusive, multi-year contract" with Warner Brothers in 2020 to "create and produce original programming for all platforms, including streaming" How much has she developed and produced since then? According to IMDB, she was one of four executive producers of an HBO documentary that premiered in August and lasted one hour.

She, or at least BLM, appear to be quite adept at wasting money. She paid $73,000 on a private plane charter. Since 2020, BLM appears to have acquired five homes for approximately $12 million. Cullors, who left as executive director of BLM last year, has refuted criticism by stating that she did not get a salary from the organization and highlighting her position at Dignity and Power Now, another nonprofit she co-founded.

dignity and authority Additionally, the organization has been accused of not disclosing all of its donors. However, when it comes to accepting responsibility for her shaky finances, Cullors has demonstrated an additional great talent: the ability to dodge. As you undoubtedly already know, accounting is racist! In April, Cullors criticized 'triggering' charity transparency regulations.

This does not appear safe for us... This structure of the nonprofit system,' she added. This is quite dangerous. This is being used literally as a weapon against us and our coworkers.

BLM asserted in 2021 that the media's attention in the many mansions was white supremacist terrorism: 'This right-wing offensive not only puts Patrisse, her child, and her loved ones in danger, but it also extends a tradition of terror by white supremacists targeting Black activists.'

Cullors, on the other hand, is visibly agitated over the 'racist and sexist' attention given to her several houses. She has choked up during interviews, which is reasonable given her concern for the safety of her family.

However, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that those behind BLM are utilizing victimhood as a diversion from the suspicion that their charity mission has become a sort of private slush fund.

Last week, in response to reports about the group’s purchase of a mansion in California, BLM issued a statement that is worth quoting at length:

‘First, this property serves as an opportunity for us as Black people to own our land interest free and unencumbered by any white corporate establishment. It is amazing that anyone would question us for wanting to own property, as the real estate market nationwide has increased in value significantly over the past 18 months. But instead of being lauded as making smart, diversified investment decisions so we can control and define our own destinies, our movement is chastised and vilified. The double standard and embedded racism is clear. Second, this property has served as a safe haven to protect the leaders of our Black nationalist movement. Our leaders and their families, including their children, have been targeted by white supremacists.’

Instead of being praised, we are condemned! The phrases' arrogance is almost mesmerizing. Without a doubt, certain mainstream outlets are targeting Black Lives Matter. However, other large American non-profits are also subject to a great deal of scrutiny, particularly when their activities have a legitimate political impact. The New York Attorney General, for example, started a significant campaign to forcefully dissolve the National Rifle Association amidst allegations of fraud and self-dealing by the organization's officials.

Despite all the negative press, the BLM appears to have dodged any significant legal investigation or government audit thus far. Undoubtedly, this is due in part to its opacity. There has never been a precise definition of Black Lives Matter. Is it a slogan? A meme? A name? A movement? A benevolent cause? Or an upheaval?

However, it is evident from their declarations that BLM and Cullors have moral immunity. Their victimization is a luxury. After all, the group is in a powerful position when so many world politicians have taken the knee for the hashtag that is practically their trademark.

In reality, if a charity hits the appropriate political notes and garners sufficient 'engagement,' it may amass vast sums of money while evading accountability. BLM was and possibly still is a slogan so potent and emotive that no one dares to oppose it. Black Lives Matter. In this case, corruption does not apply.


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