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Democrats are doomed because Joe Biden is weak and the other candidates behind him are also weak

The floodgates are open now that The New York Times has given Democrats permission to say out loud that they don't want President Biden to run for reelection in 2024. Everywhere you look, a Democrat is ready to say that Very Old Joe is way out of his depth.

The only thing that's surprising is that it took the doubters so long to see what everyone else did. But they are still only working on a small part of the problem.

If Biden can't serve for six more years, it's not a big deal. He can't, and if he tries, voters will tell him so.

But even if party leaders can convince him to step down on his own for '24, there are two more things they should think about before they get into a situation that is much more complicated than just his age and bad presidency.

The first is, who is next after Biden? The Dems have the worst bench of any party, and there is no good candidate waiting in the wings. There isn't much desire for Kamala Harris to be president, and there isn't much support for Pete Buttigieg to be president, either.

Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren, who ran for president the last time, didn't look like they could be president, and there's no reason to think that four more years of hearing Chuck Schumer talk won't have hurt them.

Does anyone long for another round with Bernie Sanders or another dance with Hillary Clinton, the "Entitled One"?

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a meeting about abortion rights and Roe v. Wade, Tuesday, June 14, 2022.
Democrats seem to have little interest in standing behind Kamala Harris for another presidential run.
AP/Jacquelyn Martin

Old losers won't make young people with blue hearts jump for joy.

So the who is a big problem, but it's not the only one. Also, it's about what.

What do the Democrats believe in? Just asking the question brings to mind the problems caused by Biden's team's inconsistent policies.

He said he was a moderate, but his actions and ideas were a mix of far-left ideas that made Barack Obama look like a moderate.

Some of the radical ideas that the administration and its allies pushed into the political system were to forgive student loans, pack the courts, favor certain races, pay reparations, stop funding the police, and support transgender rights in schools.

Their legislative agenda cost a lot of money, much more than anything else in American history. With trillions here and trillions there, the bank will soon be broke.

Even then, the White House kept asking for more. Imagine how bad inflation would be now if Biden's Build Back Better plan, which would cost more than $5 trillion, had actually become law.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema's "no" votes saved the party, and maybe the country, from going to hell.

The other 48 Democrats in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi's entire party in the "Crazy House" all raised their hands to agree with whatever garbage the White House said.

A price board is shown at a gas station in San Francisco, Saturday, June 11, 2022.
Gas prices have reached record heights in the last few weeks.
AP/Jeff Chiu

The Green New Deal is a part of this. If it had passed, gas prices might be going up even more than they are now. When the price of a gallon of gas hits $20, the White House might make gas stations give out small windmills to put on the back of your car.

Just to show how good you are, of course.

In the meantime, Biden is going to Saudi Arabia next month to try to get OPEC to make more oil while he keeps the brakes on American production.

How does that make any sense?

The chaotic, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan was another policy that didn't work. This started Biden's sharp drop in the polls, which hasn't stopped yet.

President Joe Biden returns a salute as he boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Tuesday, June 14, 2022.
Biden’s approval ratings have continued to decline, ranking lower than Donald Trump’s.
AP/Gemunu Amarasinghe

Reportedly, the president was shocked to find out recently that his approval rating of about 38% was lower than Trump's.

So, he started pointing the finger at his staff.

Harry S. Truman he isn't.

Even so, the rest of us should be grateful for Biden's staff. They have tried to fix his mistakes many times. For example, he called for a change in the government in Russia and said he would use the military to protect Taiwan from a Chinese takeover.

Both comments are very upsetting, but neither one is official U.S. policy. Even after his staff told him he was wrong, Biden said that he meant what he said.

An owner of a small private hotel damaged following Russian night shelling, in the town of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, Monday, June 13, 2022.
Biden, who has blamed inflation on the Ukraine war, has repeatedly called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be removed from power.
AP/Efrem Lukatsky

But how does everyone else feel? How does it feel about changing the government in Russia and going to war with China over Taiwan? If America is lucky, these messes won't cause World War III while Biden is in office.

In spite of what you may have heard, Donald Trump is not to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world. However, he is to blame for the Dems' problem. He messed up their plans for who would take over.

The party thought that Hillary would be in the White House for eight years starting in 2016, and then a new group of candidates would take over.

But when Trump won in 2016, the plan fell apart and Clinton ran yelling into the woods. Even though the party hates Trump, it didn't have a strong candidate for 2020 until Biden returned from being the "big guy" in Hunter Biden's plans to make a third run for the White House.

In spite of all odds, he won the nomination and the general election, thanks to the pandemic, the media, and the $419 million that Mark Zuckerberg spent on activists.

So, now, about halfway through what would have been Clinton's second term, the bench is empty, the Dems are facing a red wave, and the president is being shunned by candidates in his own party and pushed out the door.

Herb Stein once said, "If something can't go on forever, it will stop." He was talking about economics, but the idea describes how most Americans now feel about Joe Biden's presidency.

Former President Donald Trump speaks during the Leadership Forum at the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, May 27, 2022.
Post readers exemplify the nation’s differing opinions when it comes to former President Donald Trump.
AP/Michael Wyke

Voice 1: Trump needed

Ruth Ort doesn't agree with the idea that Trump should stop talking about 2020, and she makes an interesting comparison. She writes: “I am a Jew and we never forget. Should we forget about what happened? Should we forget that the Temple was burned down? Should we not remember that we were slaves in Egypt?

"Then none of our Holy Days would be celebrated anymore. It would be over for Passover. Why do we keep remembering and observing this? We never forget what happened so it won't happen again."

Voice 2: Not Now

Reader Ruben Morales has a different opinion. He writes, "Trump should get out of politics, retire, go play golf, and let the other well-qualified candidates win the White House.

"We don't need him to bring down gas prices and make the U.S. energy independent, to keep our borders safe and build a strong military that makes America respected. The people who are well-qualified know that these things have to be done.

"Also, people are tired of Trump because he turned the White House into a reality show. "Don't forget that he said he likes chaos!"


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