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10 Most Powerful Individuals From DC Comics (P1)

For every Kryptonian and Amazon, there is a Green Lantern or Speedster capable of competing with them

There's a reason the first Injustice game was titled "Gods Among Us." It's because DC contains some ridiculously strong characters, some of whom are actually gods.

Characters like Superman and Wonder Woman have repeatedly demonstrated that they are at the pinnacle of strength, having gone toe-to-toe with powerhouses like Darkseid and Mongul.

But for every god, extraterrestrial, and demigod, there is a human who is equally, if not more, strong. Sure, two of the Trinity aren't human, but there's a reason Batman stands shoulder to shoulder with them, and it has nothing to do with his pocketbook.

There are many individuals in the pages of DC Comics that can claim of being stronger than Superman, whether it's due to magic, atomic research, or a great piece of jewelry.

Before we begin, a minor but vital disclaimer: characters such as Zatanna and Raven do not qualify since Zatanna is a Homo Magi (literally a separate species) and Raven is part demon.

Now that that's out of the way, let's look at some of DC Comics' most strong characters.

10. The Plastic Man

plastic man

Plastic Man is one of those heroes whose powers are so ridiculous that they reveal just how powerful he is. Plastic Man can control his size and density in addition to stretching his limbs.

He has the ability to form his body into almost whatever he sees, whether anything as enormous as a t-rex or as little as a bottle cap. We've never seen Plastic Man reach a limit in terms of how big or little he can make his body grow.

Given his body's elasticity, taking a punch from some of DC's toughest hitters wouldn't bother him either. He can deliver his own haymakers because he can also boost his density.

In Injustice, we saw him subdue someone like the Flash by slithering his way inside their body and tightening his grasp on their wind pipe.

The only way to defeat Plastic Man would be to borrow an idea from Dr. Doom at Marvel and simultaneously stretch and freeze him till he shatters. Otherwise, Plastic Man is invincible.

9. Captain Atom

captain atom

This place might possibly go to Firestorm because their power sets are so close, but Captain Atom takes it for two reasons. The first is because the character inspired Dr. Manhattan (more on him later), and the second is because of the spectacular combat between the Captain and Superman in Justice League Unlimited.

While we're on the subject of the conflict, let's take a time to reflect on it. During the encounter, we witness Captain Atom's mastery over radiation by utilizing his powers to simulate red sun radiation in try to harm Superman, and if it weren't for his poorer endurance than the Man of Steel's, he may have won.

Captain Atom possesses tremendous strength, flying, and super speed, in addition to control over various types of radiation.

His molecular rebuilding abilities and capacity to regulate his own density, allowing him to become intangible - similar to Martian Manhunter - are where things get very fascinating.

8. Gotham Girl 

gotham girl

Gotham Girl is an undoubtedly unique item on our list, owing mostly to the fact that she is a new character, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Gotham Girl effectively possesses all of Superman's abilities, in case you weren't aware. Her powers are fascinating since utilizing them depletes her life energy, and she may improve her powers by surrendering more of her life energy. Her brother, soon before dying, used all of his abilities to beat the Justice League on his own.

Her inclusion on this list is distinguished by the aforementioned disadvantage.

At the conclusion of Tom King's Batman run, Batman discovers a treatment for Gotham Girl's condition, enabling her to retain her talents without them killing her.

But this raises a few questions: would she still die young because she utilized her talents so extensively before discovering a cure? Can she still boost her abilities by draining her life force?

If the solution allows her to live a long life and she can still use her talents without their killing her, Gotham Girl's position on this list will need to be raised. But, until those questions are answered, being above Captain Atom is nothing to laugh at.

7.Green Lantern

green Lantern

Because there are now seven human Green Lanterns, we'll limit our focus to Hal Jordan for this article.

At the start of DC Rebirth, Hal accomplished something no other Green Lantern had done before: he used his own willpower to construct his own power ring.

This would prove to be only the beginning of Hal's new abilities, as he would go on to demolish War World and nearly enter the Speed Force in a construct while flying past the New God Lightray.

His greatest achievement, though, occurred when he and Kyle were captured by General Zod. Hal handed Kyle his ring in order for him to flee and seek reinforcements, but Hal's will was so strong that wearing the ring forced Kyle to behave more like Hal.

Remember, this is the same Kyle Rayner who managed to resist Parallax from controlling his body and went on to become the White Lantern.

Hal then beat General Zod while they were battling on a planet with two yellow suns after Kyle returned his ring. It's one thing to defeat a Kryptonian, but it's quite another to defeat an amplified one.

6. Animal Man

animal man

Oh my, here we go again. Buddy Baker, or Animal Man, is to animals what Swamp Thing is to plants. He is the Red's avatar, a power that binds all creatures together.

But the Red includes the whole world, allowing Buddy to channel the powers of any animal - even extinct ones - and to channel numerous talents at the same time.

Another key thing to remember about the Red is that, as animals, we are also related to it.

This relationship is significant because it allows Buddy to transfer his mind into anybody and begin transforming into his own body.

Buddy's daughter was in risk of being killed as an illustration of this. She utilized her Red link to transport her mind into the body of a neighboring fox until the threat passed and she could transform back into a human girl.

Buddy's creativity is the only true foreseeable limit to his abilities. There's nothing preventing him from reaching into the Red and channeling the energies of a Kryptonian and combining them with those of a Martian. Food for thought.

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