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What is the meaning behind Aaron Rodgers' newest tattoo?

Aaron Rodgers' latest tattoo is as elaborate and enigmatic as everything else in the controversial Green Bay Packers quarterback's life, but what does it mean?

When it comes to Aaron Rodgers, two things are plainly evident. One, he is a football sensation, a real football legend. And two, he's as weird as a Cocoa Puff.

He does and says things that are so out of the ordinary that most people miss them. It's all business on the field. Off the field, you have to be in his headspace to follow him.

So, with that out of the way, let's take a look at the tattoo he unveiled on Instagram.

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Two ideas spring to mind at first look. It's lovely and detailed, but with all of the astrological and mystical symbolism, it must have a deeper significance for him. Indeed, he stated in his article, "There's a deep and profound tale and link to absolutely every detail of this art work, and I'll tell a bit more about that one day." For the time being, I'm grateful to @balazsbercsenyi for his patience and talent. "#tattoo #astrology #elements"

So let's look at the many interpretations of his ink work.

Beginning at the top, there are three astrological symbols representing the constellations Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Given that Rodgers believes in astrology, as does his now-ex-fiancée Shailene Woodley, the Scorpio would represent her, while the Sagittarius would represent him. The Aquarius might also signify their engagement date, giving the overall top motif a significance that relates to the life of their partnership.

The Eye of Providence, a frequent symbol in various religious systems ranging from Freemasonry to Hinduism and Buddhism, is depicted below this. The one-dollar note depicts a version in allusion to God's all-seeing eye, but it is drawn from ancient Egypt and the eye of Horus. It can apply to a variety of ideas, but it is most likely referring to the "third eye" of eastern mysticism, which allows vision beyond physical sight.

We enter into murkier territory with two portrayals of lions, one calm and the other screaming. The lion is connected with the astrological sign Leo, as well as with the sun. Even in Christianity, the lion represents power and courage, as well as watchfulness and resurrection. Lions are fortunate in dreams, according to a contemporary Freudian interpretation, as the bringer of good luck to a soldier or sportsman.

The next element is a sunset above an open ocean, which has a universal message in almost all paintings. Water signifies birth, death, time, memory, and change, and has been employed as an aesthetic motif by filmmakers, artists, and photographers all across the world and since time immemorial. Rodgers' version might be a reflection of any of them, most likely due to the recent termination of his relationship with Woodley and the memories associated with the relationship.

Below this pattern is a greatly stylized peacock-type splaying atop a daggered crystal, which in art is commonly used to signify power, strength, confidence, and even divinity.

Of course, all of this is simply my opinion as a longtime filmmaker with a background in Art History. Rodgers may have an entirely different perspective on each of these things, and the work may have a considerably more simple or immensely more intricate significance than what I have deduced. If I had to wager, I'd go with a deeper meaning rather than what I could gather.

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