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What DC Comics' Poison Ivy Being Carnivore Means

Poison Ivy has recently been represented as vegetarian or vegan in DC Comics' comic books, graphic novels, animations, and TV series.

 She doesn't force it on others, but it's her specialty. She allows people to make their own decisions. Here are a few examples: (hat tip to some extraordinary research from More Bedside Books)


ivy 2

ivy 4


ivy 5

As Bleeding Cool pointed out last month, today's Poison Ivy #2 builds on her newfound celebrity. Pamela not only refers to herself as a carnivore in today's Poison Ivy, but she also dismisses vegetarians. Before murdering a diner full of people, including children, simply for being alive. And plotting to murder... everyone. That's why, according to Bleeding Cool, Poison Ivy is worse than Thanos for Earth.


Bleeding Cool has previously discussed the contrast in how DC Comics depicts Poison Ivy, whether as a typical Batman villain, an environmental terrorist with a cause, or a homosexual selfless savior attempting to rescue mankind. But can anybody recover from several murders, like the character is now committing in the first issue alone?

ivy 6

How long will it take Poison Ivy to recover from becoming a child killer, given how long it took Hank Pym to recover from being the superhero who struck his wife, Janet Van Dyne?

ivy 7

Before the story began, Ivy paid a visit to the Fluronic Man, who gave her the mutated fungus. Poison Ivy, like the Fluronic Man, has most likely been forced out of the Green. She may now be possessed by The Grey, the personification of the fungal world in the DC Universe, who has transformed her into an agent of The Grey or The Rot, and this may be used as a mitigating factor. But deceased children are difficult to overcome...


Yes, she is currently eating meat. She is, indeed, identifying herself as a carnivorous. That carnivores are necessary for the survival of the world is justification for what she is doing to humans. And, in that unpleasant way, points out how many animals are harmed by the harvesting of agave syrup for "wealthy vegans," labeling it "murder syrup." As though two wrongs equal one right. And that includes murdering children, vegan or otherwise...


Especially since many vegans do not consume agave syrup. Many, if not most, vegans and vegetarians are not wealthy, especially given their prevalence in India (about 30% of the population). The most common usage for agave syrup is in the production of tequila and as a biofuel. Rather from focusing on capitalist exploitation as fuel, which would be a typical Poison Ivy focus, she instead throws vegans under the tractor to justify no longer being a vegan but a carnivore.

Poison Ivy is one of DC's few prominent vegetarian/vegan characters, while Superman is not. She has also become the vegan poster girl in DC. I'm curious how this will play out. We chose the Thanos connection because she appears to be acting like a crazy God, an eco-terrorist who has utterly lost the plot. She is aware that she is dying and is taking as many other people with her as possible, maybe the entire globe.

POISON IVY #2 CVR A JESSICA FONG (W) G. Willow Wilson (A) Marcio Takara (CA) Jessica Fong Destroying humanity is a lot of work, and a girl's gotta eat! On her journey to doom humankind, Ivy makes a pit stop at a roadside restaurant, where she meets a hungry poet who makes her question her motives—at least until the cops show up. Ivy has left Gotham, but she can't seem to escape the law! Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 7/5/2022

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