Natalie Portman discloses Chris Hemsworth's 'thoughtful' act before their Thor kissing moment

During an interview with Capital FM in the United Kingdom, the actress revealed that the Australian hunk abstained from eating meat prior to their kissing scene.
'He's very nice. 'He didn't eat meat that morning because I'm vegan,' she explained to the outlet.
Chris Hemsworth considered Natalie Portman's vegan diet when filming Thor: Love And Thunder; Thor: Love and Thunder's Portman and Hemsworth (2022)
She joked that it wasn't easy for Hemsworth because he bulks up for the superhero movies by eating'meat like every half hour' on top of his grueling workouts.
Aside from the jokes, the Black Swan star recalled being impressed by Hemsworth's thoughtfulness, especially since she'd never asked him to give up his carnivorous ways for her.
'Wow, that was really thoughtful. That's not something I'm upset about or care about, but he was simply being considerate. 'He's just a really nice guy,' she exclaimed.
During the Capital FM interview, she was joined by her other Thor: Love And Thunder co-star, Tessa Thompson, who joked that she "didn't even know [Hemsworth] could go without eating meat."
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The actress told UK's Capital FM that the Australian hunk skipped meat before their kissing scene due to her vegan diet. 7 July Portman
"He's sweet. Portman and Hemsworth pictured in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)
'He's like eating bison first thing in the morning.' That's fantastic.'
After decades of vegetarianism, Portman went vegan in 2011. Unlike a vegetarian diet, which excludes meat, a vegan diet excludes meat as well as animal products such as dairy, eggs, and honey.
The vegan actress, like Hemsworth, was asked to bulk up her famously petite figure for her character Jane Foster's transformation into the Mighty Thor.
It was the first time the Oscar winner had been asked to gain weight for a role, and she had previously revealed that she lifted weights and drank protein shakes to get into superhero shape.
She is said to have trained for ten months to become her character, who is supposed to be six feet tall - nearly ten inches taller than her 5'3" height "height.
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Natalie remarked that was no easy task for Hemsworth, who bulks up for superhero movies by eating'meat every half hour' Thor: Love and Thunder's Hemsworth (2022)
Heartfelt: The Black Swan actress was impressed by Hemsworth's thoughtfulness, especially considering she'd never asked him to give up meat for her. June Hemsworth photo
'I definitely grew to be the biggest I've ever been,' she added. 'You understand, "'Oh, how different it must be to walk through the world like this.'
She added, laughing, "As a five-foot-three woman, I doubt I'll ever be cast as a 6-foot character again." I loved it when people noticed how big I was.'
Portman compared the process to her Oscar-winning performance in 2010's Black Swan, in which she famously lost 20 pounds through diet and exercise but now had to gain weight and muscle.
'I was asked to get as small as possible on Black Swan,' she reveals. 'I was told to grow as big as possible here. That's an incredible challenge - and also a woman's state of mind.'
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Best: "That's so thoughtful." He was just being thoughtful; I'm not furious or concerned. He's pretty kind. Portman exclaimed
Portman's epic superhero transformation was also well received by her children, Amalia, five, and Aleph, eleven, whom she shares with husband Benjamin Millepied, who were overjoyed to see their mother in action.
'I feel like I'm at the point in my career where I'm just trying to impress my kids,' Portman told Variety.
'My 5-year-old and 10-year-old were enthralled by the process of visiting the set and seeing me dressed up in a cape.' It added to the cool factor. It's unusual for my children to say, "Please go to work!" Usually, the opposite is true. '
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Like Hemsworth, Portman bulked up for her role as Jane Foster/Thor. It was the first time the Oscar winner had to gain weight for a job. She lifted weights and drank protein drinks to get into superhero condition.
Despite the film's mixed-yet-positive reviews, Thor: Love And Thunder emerged triumphant at the weekend box office with $143 million debut.
According to Variety, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry fell just short of expectations, which were for a $150 million opening.
The fourth solo Thor film starring Chris Hemsworth currently has a B+ CinemaScore.

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