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Joe Biden says he is not going to beg Saudi Arabia to make more oil

President Joe Biden didn't ask Saudi Arabia to make more oil on Thursday so that gas prices in the U.S. and around the world would go down.

During Biden's press conference in Europe, reporters asked him what he would say about oil to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud or Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when they meet in July.

"No, I'm not going to ask them," he said, adding that he had already "made clear" to all the Gulf state leaders that he wanted them to make more oil.

"I hope that, for their own good, they will decide that it makes sense to do that," Biden said.

Biden said that he went to Saudi Arabia to talk to Israel about peace in the Middle East, not to make oil.

He said, "I'm sure it's in Saudi Arabia, but it has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia." "It's in Saudi Arabia."

Biden said that he wasn't even sure he'd get to talk to the Saudi leaders.

"I'm not even sure. I guess I'll see the King and the Crown Prince, but that's not the meeting I'm going to," he said. "They'll be part of a meeting with a lot more people."

Even though Saudi Arabia has a lot of power in the oil market, Biden has often gone out of his way to criticize the country.

During his campaign for president, Biden said he would treat Saudi Arabia like a "pariah," but in the end, he agreed to meet with the leaders of that country in July.

Biden said that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was to blame for high gas prices around the world, even though gas prices in the US were already going up quickly before the war started.

"The bottom line is that Russia is the main reason why gas prices are going up," he said. "Russia, Russia, Russia."

Biden and his administration are still trying to get rid of fossil fuels. This makes the country more dependent on oil-rich dictators in other countries.

Biden said, "As long as it takes," when asked how long drivers would have to pay for gas. So Russia can't really beat Ukraine and move on to something else."


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