Biden's War

The fate of the world is in the hands of a man who is weak-willed and mentally ill, to say the least.

So here we are in a shooting war with Russia. We are supplying the weapons, and the Ukrainians are doing the fighting and dying. But make no mistake. In addition to arming the Ukrainians, by our sanctions, we have declared economic war on Russia and, reportedly, are also using our satellites to target Russian troops for death and destruction. We are in this war just as surely as if Americans were on the ground pulling the triggers.

And, as this goes on, the question becomes how will it play out? Will Russia retaliate with cyberattacks to disrupt our domestic power grid, pipelines, transportation, financial institutions or other infrastructure?  Will it unleash chemical or biological agents? Will it use tactical nukes to speed up the rubbling of Ukraine’s cities? How will we respond if Russia pursues any of these options? And how close are we to that one misstep that could cause events to spiral out of control into nuclear conflagration?

How did we get here?

The answer is simple. The titular head of the Biden regime is weak, corrupt, and mentally incompetent. None of this is or has been a secret. All of it has been on embarrassing display before the entire world and was disastrously demonstrated by Joe Biden’s witless and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as his astoundingly moronic prewar assurance to Vladmir Putin that the United States would not militarily oppose an invasion of Ukraine.

They have tried to hide and explain away Biden's obvious inability to run for office. Keep him out of the public eye when he was running for president in 2020 As our supposed president, his public appearances have been marked by his inability to speak quickly and coherently in a way that makes sense. He even has a hard time reading from a teleprompter. He often looks confused and lost in a mental fog.

However, the Biden regime has been helped along by the corporate media, which wants to hide Biden's deficits. In the same way, no one from the corporate media has asked about or looked into the Biden family's shady financial dealings in Ukraine, Russia, and China.

As a result, the Biden regime has been aided by our intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies, which helped Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign make up lies about Donald Trump and dismiss evidence of the Biden family's corruption found on Hunter Biden's laptop.

There was a process that put Joe Biden in the Oval Office that looked a lot like the color revolutions that the United States' "deep state" has been able to achieve around the world. On election night, the vote count stopped for no reason. There was an avalanche of mail-in ballots that had no idea where they came from. The corporate media quickly said that Biden had won, and they called anyone who publicly questioned this outcome a loser. Those who kept questioning the outcome were smeared, banned from social media, and thrown out. A lot of people have been sued in court or had their jobs threatened or destroyed.

And with that, the mission was done. The color revolution in the United States had worked, and a drooling fool had been put in the Oval Office.

Today, Russia is taking advantage of Vice President Biden's obvious flaws. In other words, how long will it be before Communist China and North Korea, Islamic terrorists and narco-states, as well as every other bad thing, take advantage of Biden's weak and semi-comatose leadership?

We have to face the facts. In this century, Donald Trump was the only President who didn't get us into a war and whose policies led to a strong economy, American energy independence, and stable foreign relations. He has now been replaced by a "literal idiot," who has wrecked our economy, opened up our borders, and put our national security at risk. We're now in the middle of a war between two countries where he and his family have made a fortune. This is his most impressive achievement yet.

In fact, we've been fighting for a country where, according to a U.S. Senate report, the Biden family has had questionable financial dealings. In 2014, Elena Baturina, the wife of a former mayor of Moscow and the wealthiest woman in Russia, wired $3.5 million to a company co-founded by Hunter Biden. As Vice President, Joe Biden was often seen having dinner in Georgetown with Ms. Baturina back in 2015. She is said to be different from other oligarchs in that she hasn't been hit with U.S. sanctions after Russia invaded Ukraine.

All of this makes it impossible not to ask some important questions. What are the people who give money to the Biden family getting in Ukraine and Russia? The Biden regime is working for who? What hidden forces might be at work, and what effect, if any, are they having on our involvement in and conduct of the war, as well as our involvement in the war?

These are very important and difficult questions. It is possible that we could start a nuclear war over a dispute that does not directly or immediately affect our national security or survival. Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine is vile and cruel, but it does not pose a threat to the United States right now.

For another thing, why does the Biden administration give more priority to the invasion of Ukraine than to the ongoing invasion of the United States through our southern border? How is it that the Biden regime is allowing and encouraging the invasion of our country, while at the same time, it has pushed us into a war with a country that borders on Russia?

Are we being led astray? There is a lot of bad news at the border and our energy independence and economy is being ruined by the Biden administration. Is this war being used to distract us from these things?

Don't expect any of us to ask or look for answers to these questions. But, think about this. The fate of the world is in the hands of a man who is weak-willed and mentally disabled, and he has money on both sides of the Ukraine war and in Communist China, which is on the verge of coming to Russia's aid.

It's not clear what could go wrong.


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