Thank you, Joe Rogan, for bringing Neil Young and Joni Mitchell's resuscitation to the attention of the nation

So please bear with me while I channel Joe Biden and delve into the magical, mystical powers of my imagination for this article's starting point.

Like the time when Biden got jailed for marching for civil rights in order to seem courageous (never occurred) or anything his grandma taught him as a child to assist him get through some trouble we all experience later in life. His father, mother, grandparents, or aliens from outer space who kidnapped him are all well-known for their quotations, and Biden utilizes them to help him fill in a void in his memory and tale.

"Cornpop" is a terrible person who once went swimming with several other bad dudes.

That's a great tale.

Here I go then.

I was advised by both of my grandfathers when I was a child to utilize this pearl of wisdom to seek for the bigger picture and find the silver lining in everything. I never thought it would happen, but here we are in 2022, and I'm learning about Neil Young and Joni Mitchell still turning oxygen into carbon via the Joe Rogan and Spotify narrative.

It boggles my mind that I didn't realize they'd ceased stealing oxygen years ago.

Because I used their LPs as Frisbees while battling the Contras in Antarctica, I had no idea they were still there to collect royalties. Among the many albums available, we only selected the ones that would not be listened to since they attracted mating penguins and caused them to commit suicide.. Of course, we only played a few songs, but the penguins' favorite albums were Young and Mitchell. If I remember correctly—which I doubt because it was a long time ago—the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young collaboration.

It's a lot of fun, my lord. No surprise Biden has done this for the whole of his career.

This advice to look for the bright side of every situation was not given to me by either of my grandfathers, so why bring it up now? If it weren't for this news about Joe Rogan and his program playing Neil Young's library on Spotify, I wouldn't have known about this fact.

A.) Mitchell and Young are still alive.

Some of these musicians who are threatening the same thing don't even make a penny from Spotify streams, according to RedState members.

This prompted me to dig a little further.

Some Much Overlooked Facts Unravel the Emotional, by my colleague Brad Slager The Neil Young vs. Spotify Fight...

Now understand, Young was peacocking in his outrage–nothing more. He was not receiving much, if anything, in the way of royalties from Spotify. Most of the streaming rights for music were struck with the labels, who receive the royalties. You see this in Neil’s own words, regarding the desire to move from the outlet; “I was reminded by my own legal forces that contractually I did not have control of my music to do that.”

Because he doesn't own any of his own tunes, Neal was merely "peacocking," as Brad said, and I had no idea he had "legal forces" (how dictatorial).

Like lemmings down a cliff, Joni Mitchell follows Neil Young and Peter Frampton in demanding Spotify remove her music, Jennifer Oliver O'Connell wrote a piece in response to Brad's. According to Joni's statement, which I found out about while I was at the concert,...

“I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”

We're all aware of how the scientific and medical communities have fared so far. When the season is three-quarters gone, their batting average would be around.100. The Fauci's Ouchies team won't be getting a major-league contract any time soon, but we've come to expect less from the government.

When I began poking around, I discovered why so many "artists" have suddenly been selling off their beautiful catalogs that they've worked so hard on for years. It's common knowledge that blues and rock 'n' roll musicians were cheated out of royalties in the early days of the genre, and today their property is fiercely guarded.

The response (at least in Young's situation here) reveals how rotten some of these people are.

Taxes. Are. Lower.

Dopesters like Young, the CBC reports, want reduced taxes while Joe Biden's tax hike is still in effect.

Why are corporations willing to spend so much to acquire these musicians’ catalogues? And why are some of the biggest superstars of the past 50 years parting with the bodies of work they spent a lifetime building?

CBC News explains why catalogue sales have become a defining part of today’s music industry.

“The reason why you’re hearing about this right now, and why it seems to be happening quickly is a U.S. tax situation,” said Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada. “The opportunity to do this at the best financial time is right now.”

Due to what many call a “loophole” in American tax law, musicians making a large sale right now pay less than half as much as they might a few years from now, when that loophole is closed.

When United States President Joe Biden was elected, he pledged to alter the country’s capital gains tax law so that it would fall in line with income tax for high-earners. Or in other words, it would ask — as stated on his website — “those making more than $1 million to pay the same rate on investment income that they do on their wages.”

That means the taxes musicians pay on their catalogue sales could jump to around 37 per cent from roughly 20. For sales in the hundreds-of-millions, that represents a huge amount of money, Rogers said, and it’s pushing musicians who are considering the move to get it done.

Dammit, that's a good one. Instead of opposing the guy, they are now kissing his boot by paying him less in taxes.

Before he goes under, Neil Young auctioned off his most treasured tunes to get some cash. Even though he sang about sticking it to the government, this old hipster enjoys being "jabbed" by the authorities and strutting about like they care about some bigger "thing" than they really do in a silly cosmic way.

When Joe Rogan has worked hard to establish himself, charlatans like Young are willing to take cheap jabs at him while he's long since passed away, which is the best thing that could happen to him and his profession.

Whatever the outcome of this #woke foolishness may be.

As a result of "The Joe Rogan Experience," I learned that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are still alive, as well as the fact that Young escaped a tax hike suggested by Vice President Joe Biden. Without that, I wouldn't have known about it. I will no longer be stunned when these snobby super-rich dudes suddenly warm up to the point of being able to talk to one other.

Now it's time to go back to being Joe Biden-style deluded in a (still) free world, making up ridiculous stuff (thanks to Canada).

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