Joe Rogan's approval rating is higher than Joe Biden's

Echelon Insights issued a study on Monday showing that podcaster Joe Rogan had a higher net approval rating than President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Democrat Party.

According to an Echelon Insights poll released on Monday, Joe Rogan, a popular podcaster and television host, has a higher net approval rating than Vice President Joe Biden among the public.

Rogan has a net approval rating of plus two, while Biden has a net approval rating of minus two, according to the survey.

Rogan has a net popularity rating of minus 14 points among Democrats and those who lean left, while he has a net approval rating of + 17 points among Republicans and those who lean right.

Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, and New York Democratic Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg all have worse net approval ratings than the controversial podcaster, Breitbart reported.

After singer Neil Young withdrew his albums from Spotify last week in protest of the company's relationship with Rogan and failure to remove videos from the podcaster that featured suspected sexual content, Rogan came under heightened scrutiny. False information about the COVID-19 vaccine, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a message that has since been removed from Young's website, the musician said that he was "doing this because Spotify is distributing misleading information regarding vaccinations – perhaps causing death to people who believe the misinformation being propagated by them." ... Rogan or Young is an option. "No, you cannot have it both ways."

In another letter published two days later, Young said that Spotify represented 60% of his streaming revenue globally, which amounted to “a huge loss for [his] record company to absorb.”

The Echelon Insights poll sampled 1,029 voters between Jan. 21-23.

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