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A Democrat has a suggestion for businesses that should be offended by black people everywhere

This is the place to go if you want to discover how Democrats actually feel about the black community. They regard them as trusting children.

Gregory McKelvey, the Vice-Chair of the Oregon Black Caucus, said that the ruling will make it difficult for Black people to work, and that they should be permitted to take a day or two off to recover.

“Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict. Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to,” tweeted McKelvey.

Let’s review some of the facts about the Rittenhouse case real fast.

Rittenhouse, a white guy, shot three white persons in self-defense against his assailants, one of them was a career criminal and the other a serial pedophile. The sole connection to the black community is that it occurred during a Black Lives Matter riot, but many black people are questioning if BLM is genuinely a movement for the good of their community.

This is a wonderful illustration of how Democrats see African-Americans as children who may be lied to and infantilized in the hopes of keeping them believing that Democrats have their best interests at heart and are the only ones attempting to assist them.

The truth is the opposite. This is a massive insult to Black Americans everywhere. It exposes what Democrats truly think of the Black community. Firstly, they must think them stupid in order to believe that anything Rittenhouse did is detrimental to the Black community. If anything, Rittenhouse only improved things by protecting businesses, putting out fires, and shooting pedophiles.

Second, they appear to believe that Black people are weak and only require time to heal when something that is rarely painful occurs. Again, the not-guilty judgement in the case of a white youngster who shot white criminals has no bearing on black people and is as painful as a terrible game of Call of Duty. Only if Democrats, the media, and activists continue to present a false picture of it will it be traumatic, forcing one to pose a very serious question.

Why would Democrats continue to try to persuade African-Americans that the deaths of white criminals (one of whom is a pedophile) are bad for them?

It's almost as if the Democrats are grieving the death of these folks and want to make it right by involving one of their protected groups in the process. It becomes simpler to advance their narrative if they make it a racist act to be delighted over the deaths of a few of white leftist militants. It's not only disgusting; it's wicked, and Democrats are attempting to drag the Black community into it.

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