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Before the trial ends, CBS News removes a post declaring Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer.

Even though Kyle Rittenhouse's trial is still proceeding and a verdict on his August 25, 2020, acts has not been reached, CBS News removed a tweet on November 11, 2021, proclaiming him a murderer.

Rittenhouse's November 10, 2021, testimony, during which he broke down in tears while speaking, was reported in the deleted tweet.

The tweet said, “Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his own murder trial yesterday, breaking down in tears as he told the jury he murdered two men at a Black Lives Matter protest last year in self-defense.”

Regarding the first shooting fatality of August 25, 2020, Rittenhouse testified that he was running to put out a fire when a man named Joseph Rosenbaum allegedly ambushed him. Rittenhouse claimed one man, Joshua Ziminski, walked toward him with a pistol while Rosenbaum was closing in on his right side.

Rittenhouse began running, trying to escape the situation.

Reuters reported that witness Richie McGinniss testified Rosenbaum said “F*ck you” and lunged for Rittenhouse’s rifle before Rittenhouse shot him.

KTLA noted Rittenhouse claimed Rosenbaum had allegedly threatened him earlier in the night. Rittenhouse stated, “If I would have let Mr. Rosenbaum take my firearm from me, he would have used it and killed me with it, and probably killed more people.”

NBC News noted that Rittenhouse indicated he shot and killed Anthony Huber after Huber allegedly swung a skateboard at him twice and “pulled away” Rittenhouse’s gun.

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