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Kyle Rittenhouse fought against a gang of lawless vigilantes

Is the media wicked or stupid? That is the age-old issue.

Kyle Rittenhouse's case is the most recent example of the media's dishonesty and/or incompetence in America today. The media aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided, aided

“Who cares what the media does or says?” you might ask.

In a self-governance system, success or failure is totally dependent on an informed electorate. That is why the founding of a university was one of Thomas Jefferson's finest achievements.

A trustworthy and reliable media is the single most critical means of informing the people for self-governance – even more crucial than good colleges. This is why, since America's foundation, the news media has been referred to as "the fourth estate."

The riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, started as a fabrication of the twisted imagination of the media. The "killing" of an innocent, "unarmed" black man by police provoked anger. According to the media, the looting and mayhem were justified revenge.

The banner was flown by Democrat politicians, who were always at the beck and call of lunatics in the leftwing press. After all, it fits right into their crazy anti-human plan of defunding the police, glorifying criminal rioters, and creating racial divisiveness among the public.

All lies, of course. The black man shot by police was neither killed nor “unarmed.” Nor was he “innocent.”

Despite this, the media continues to repeat the same falsehoods over and over again.

The media's constant allegation that Kyle Rittenhouse was carrying out "vigilante justice" is one of the most heinous falsehoods about him. It is constantly repeated in the media. And they keep quoting politicians who make the same ridiculous assertion.

Mr. Rittenhouse's case was not about "vigilante justice," as the sensible jury in Kenosha found. It was a matter of self-defence. Mr. Rittenhouse was only defending himself against aggressors who sought to harm or murder him.

“Vigilante justice” is lawless “justice” — also known as “vengeance” — carried out by lawless actors outside the confines of the law. In other words, rioters.

You are a lawless rioter if you are dissatisfied with your position in life and go out and firebomb a police station, kill an officer, or turn over a police car to vent your dissatisfaction. That is vigilantism in action.

You are a looter if you are dissatisfied with your position in life and go into a store and steal a bunch of items. That is vigilantism in action.

You are no better than the criminals themselves if you are a politician or a member of the media who supports or glorifies rioting, looting, or the criminals who carry it out. That is vigilantism in action.

Kyle Rittenhouse was not a vigilante in the traditional sense. In a circumstance when the government had so blatantly failed to preserve the peace and protect him, he was an innocent citizen using his God-given and constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense.

The vigilantes were the looters and rioters roaming the streets of Kenosha that night, including the three that attacked Mr. Rittenhouse. The media and politicians who supported them and slandered the 17-year-old Mr. Rittenhouse are also to blame.

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