It's no wonder that Biden is no longer popular

His policies are destroying the United States.

President Biden's approval rating continues to plummet, and with good cause.

He was elected by setting a new record for the most votes cast for a presidential candidate. He was lauded as a "return to rationality" and a "unifier." He pledged to put a stop to the epidemic, implement a "humane" border policy, and keep the White House's contacts with the people open and honest.

He's now polling poorly in all of his core policy areas. His most recent overall approval rating is only 38%. His popularity among Americans is gradually dropping, particularly among the independents who elected him, but he's also losing support inside his more chaotic party.


None of this comes as a surprise. Mr. Biden is benefiting from false promises and terrible policy.

As more Americans realize that Mr. Biden will maintain practically none of his campaign pledges, the issues and voters that helped him win the president have become a big disadvantage for him and everyone on the Democratic ticket. Even with a president who is doing a good job and is popular among Americans, the midterm elections have generally been unfavorable to the ruling party.

It's no surprise that top Democrats are scrambling to find other party lines to maintain their jobs. Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona are also moderates who oppose Mr. Biden's ideas for huge spending and extreme initiatives like abolishing the filibuster and stacking the Supreme Court.

Outside of Congress, a few more high-profile Democratic dissidents have emerged and are beginning to speak out on topics that Mr. Biden refuses to address. For example, Democratic New York mayor-elect Eric Adams conducted a no-nonsense campaign focused on issues that matter to New York residents, such as reversing recent spikes in violent crime in the city. Adams, a veteran police officer, spoke passionately about justice concerns, and it paid handsomely in his recent mayoral election victory. Attention should be paid by Mr. Biden and his crew.

Other notable Democrats are abandoning the party. Andrew Yang, who ran in the same Democratic primary as Joe Biden, gained massive national attention. He was youthful, upbeat, fashionable, and always online. He's now abandoning the Democrats in favor of forming a third party. Mr. Biden's party appears to be on the verge of collapsing.

Mr. Biden has alienated not only his party but the voters who put him in the White House. He ran as a unifier and was elected to be one. Now, only one in three Americans think he will bring the nation together — a 14-point decline since March. In the recent Virginia elections, a stark 64% of Virginians said that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Of those, 73% voted for Glenn Youngkin.

Mr. Biden pledged that America would return to the world scene as a collaborator and a force for good, but he enraged France with a weapons deal, prompting the French ambassador to temporarily withdraw. He has regularly stunned the United States' closest friends with unannounced policy shifts. And the pullout from Afghanistan will very certainly characterize his presidency: it was a catastrophic intelligence failure, an administrative disaster, and a humanitarian disaster.
He also stated that he will pursue a humanitarian border approach. Instead, stories of sickness and congestion in overburdened immigrant detention centers have surfaced. Thousands of Haitian refugees were housed in an open-air detention camp. He's given no clear indication of how to curb the flow or even deal with those who have already arrived. As a result, only 35% of Americans approve his border policy, a new and recent low for his administration.

He pledged to be open and honest. His press secretary, on the other hand, engages in word games with reporters on his behalf. He refuses to answer questions and mocks journalists who press him for information.

He pledged that the pandemic lockdowns would be lifted, and that the economy would revive. Instead, the United States received inflation and extensive supply chain breakdown.

Americans vote for policies, not slogans, and they pay attention. They see the border problem, supply chain breakdowns, and inflation. They are aware of false promises and divisive political maneuvering. They'll remember Kabul and the allies we abandoned there.

Mr. Biden's political decline is well-documented. You will receive negative feedback if your governance is poor.

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