Biden is unsuited to govern because he is inept. In 2022, Republicans can show him the way

After a year in office, President Joe Biden has demonstrated that he makes up for his lack of leadership by ineptitude.

This is the outcome of people who were so determined to defeat Donald Trump that they backed a politician who, on a good day, is unprepared, unmotivated, and unqualified to govern the country. By nearly every metric, the President lacks the aptitude and competence to lead the United States through the problems we confront as a country in these trying times. Take a minute to consider them.

Our borders are so porous that anyone from anywhere may enter America without being stopped, in violation of all of our laws and for whatever purpose they want. Since Joe Biden willfully thrown open the gates, halted building of a wall, and completely disregarded our immigration rules in March of this year, 160,000 illegal aliens—many of whom are unvaccinated—have been let into our nation. There is now no chance that someone who has entered the country illegally will be held accountable.

When asked by a Fox News reporter, the president said that his administration is considering paying illegal immigrants hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for unlawfully entering the country! Consider that for a moment. A soldier's family will receive $450,000 if he or she dies protecting America on a foreign battlefield. Making compensation to illegal aliens who have had trouble unlawfully entering our nation is analogous to giving a bank robber interest on the money he has stolen. Aside from the plan's folly, it should outrage every American who values the sacrifice of those who would give their life for our freedom.

Meanwhile, Americans have watched gas prices increase as a result of Mr. Biden's misguided energy strategy, which has turned America from a net energy exporter to reliant on other countries for its oil supplies. Retail gas prices in the United States averaged $3.38 per gallon as of October 25. This is a 50 percent increase above pre-pandemic levels. If you want to see what a middle-class tax rise looks like, go no farther than Mr. Biden's first week in office, when he shattered our energy independence.

And it’s getting worse. Having blown up the XL pipeline deal, which would not only have continued American dominance in the oil market but made the movement of oil across the nation safer in a pipeline versus a truck, now Biden may close a second major gas pipeline, Line 5 in Michigan.  White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre publicly admitted that the Biden administration is exploring the potential impact of shutting it down amid a global energy crisis.  Trusting Mr. Biden with America’s energy policy is like trusting a consortium of Russians, Chinese, and Saudis to look after American economic interests. 

There's also the national debt to consider. When it comes to spending restraint, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have won any awards. However, the Democrats and Vice President Biden might win the Nobel Prize for Financial Irresponsibility. Our national debt was $27.8 trillion when Mr. Biden took office. It now stands at $29.9 trillion, with Democrats having just passed another $1.2 trillion this week and about to vote another that would be close to $4 trillion. This is a case of economic madness.

Inflation is out of control, government growth is bourgeoning, and Mr. Biden’s approval numbers have plummeted to 38 percent as American’s recoil in disgust. Now his disapproval numbers top 50 percent with over 70 percent of the nation declaring we’re on the wrong track. And the results?  

The gubernatorial elections in Virginia saw voters soundly reject Mr. Biden’s pick, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and elect Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin who—with a robust parental coalition—crushed the lurch to the left in Virginia and signaled a similar fate for Democrats nationally.  Voters have simultaneously rejected the Biden agenda of incompetence.  Virginians—having taken measure of “woke” policies and Mr. Biden’s ineptitude—have become politically “quickened,” giving new life to commonsense conservatism.  When Glenn Youngkin successfully emphasized freedom, free enterprise, and constitutional governance he created the “quickening” movement as an answer to far-left “wokism”.  

There's a valuable lesson here. First, we must support candidates for public office who are capable and committed to preserving our republic, rather than flouting our laws, wrecking our economy, and spending us into insolvency. Second, in 2020, the far-left media swayed many Americans to vote for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump. They behaved as pied pipers, luring voters over a precipice into an abyss of ineptitude like lemmings. Fortunately, there are those like Glenn Youngkin who are sensible and civic-minded enough to offer them a lifeline. Let's seize the opportunity.

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