Biden Transition Website Get a .GOV Domain

he Biden-Harris transition website changed its URL from a .com to a .gov domain on Monday in another sign that the handover is officially underway.  

Biden shared the new link - - on Twitter on Monday after the switch was made. 

The GSA, the agency which finally allowed the Biden transition to formally begin on Monday, manages the .gov domain and makes it available to government agencies. 

'Using a .gov domain shows you’re an official government organization,' it says.

Security measures that come with .gov domains include a ban on using passwords that have ever been leaked in data breaches, which are collated by the website Have I Been Pwned?

The GSA also beefed up security in 2017 to stop 'hostile networks' from deploying malware or tracking beacons when people visit official websites. 

The president's official @POTUS Twitter account will be handed over to the Biden administration on inauguration day in January, the company said on Saturday. 

Trump will still have his own account, but Twitter says he will be subject to the same rules as anyone else - meaning tweets that break the rules could be deleted rather than red-flagged with a warning as they currently are.

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