'What he's doing is scandalous': Biden denounces Trump's 'incredible irresponsibility'

Two weeks after being appointed 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden is stepping up attacks on the attitude of his predecessor, Donald Trump, still convinced that he did not lose the November 3 election.

The campaign is over, and yet the fighting continues between the two contenders for the White House. "I'm convinced he knows he lost. What he's doing is just outrageous." President-elect Joe Biden denounced Thursday the attitude of Donald Trump, who still refuses to accept his defeat recorded a few days after the November 3 election.

"I think (Americans) are witnessing incredible irresponsibility, unbelievably damaging messages sent to the rest of the world about how democracy works," Joe Biden said of the US president. Without any tangible proof, Donald Trump continues to denounce massive fraud in several states and has embarked on a judicial guerrilla war led by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

On Thursday, Americans were still in extreme post-election confusion, with, on one side, Joe Biden who is preparing his accession to the White House from his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware, and on the other Donald Trump entrenched while waiting to use all legal remedies at his disposal.

Still in business until January 20, the announced date of the handover of power, the actions of the American president and his relatives are closely scrutinized by the Democrats. Thursday, the lawyer of the American president, Rudy Giuliani brewed several conspiracy theories during a press briefing, accusing Venezuela or the philanthropist George Soros of having participated in a fraud organized according to him by "democratic leaders", with the complicity of Joe Biden himself. He is said to have hundreds of "sworn statements" to prove his claims.

If Joe Biden won, at the national level, nearly 80 million votes in the November 3 ballot, against a little less than 74 million for his opponent, the system of the big voters gives the victory to the Democrat by a short head in several states.

In Georgia, the state most contested by Donald Trump, the count gives Joe Biden only 14,000 votes ahead of his rival, a gap so narrow that a hand recount was held for 5 million ballots. On Thursday, the local authorities of this state once again gave Joe Biden the winner, despite a few hundred votes recovered by Donald Trump.

Another snub for the president, who could ask for a new recount in the event of a difference of less than 5%. Beyond Georgia, the president and his allies are still calling for a “more balanced” recount of the votes in Wisconsin and have filed a series of appeals in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada. Two Republican deputies close to the president even called on Wednesday for the opening of a congressional investigation into the management of the presidential election and the risks of fraud denounced by the Trump camp for several months now.

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