Nuclear: Iran's appeal to Joe Biden

Tehran said on Wednesday that it could return 'automatically' to its nuclear commitments if Joe Biden lifted sanctions against him.

Towards appeasement between Tehran and Washington? Iran will "automatically" apply its nuclear commitments if the future government of Joe Biden lifts the sanctions imposed by Washington against Tehran since 2018, the Iranian foreign minister said in an interview published Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

"Something can be done automatically," Mohammad Javad Zarif told the Iranian government daily. “The United States can honor its commitments… and we will honor ours. (…) There is no need for that either to negotiate or to set conditions. If the United States respects (the) resolution (United Nations Security Council 2231), the sanctions are lifted, and there are no obstacles to Iran's economic activities, then Iran, as well as that he has announced, will respect his commitments ”in nuclear matters, he added.

US President-elect Joe Biden said he wanted a change of course from the policy of "maximum pressure" against Iran led by the current government of Donald Trump. In May 2018, he unilaterally pulled the United States out of the international Iran nuclear agreement concluded in Vienna three years earlier. Donald Trump has reinstated the American sanctions that this pact had made it possible to lift and imposed new ones. Validated by resolution 2231, the Vienna agreement offers Tehran relief from international sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic in exchange for guarantees verified by the UN and intended to prove that the Iranian nuclear program has no military aim.

"We will act quickly"

The return of US sanctions has plunged Iran into a deep recession and deprived the country of the fallout it expected from the Vienna agreement. In retaliation, Tehran has gradually withdrawn from most of its key commitments made in Vienna, while saying it is ready to return to full and complete application of the agreement if the United States returns to respect for resolution 2231. If Washington "returns to honoring its commitments, we will act quickly," Javad Zarif repeated to Iran.

"It is a very good thing that Joe Biden wants to return" to the Vienna agreement, but "it must be clear that Iran will not accept any conditions," Javad Zarif said on a daily basis. Before the US presidential election on November 3, Joe Biden said he wanted to reintegrate the United States into the Vienna agreement on condition that Iran returned to "rigorous respect for its commitments".

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