Joe Biden appoints Ron Klain as his future chief of staff

Joe Biden has chosen a seasoned Democrat to be his right-hand man in the White House.

This is the first-ever appointment to a post in the future Biden administration. The Democratic presidential winner announced on Wednesday, November 11 that he had chosen Ronald Klain to be his chief of staff - chief of staff and true right-hand man - at the White House when he takes office on January 20, 2021.

“Ron has been invaluable to me over the many years we have worked together,” Joe Biden said of the 59-year-old lawyer.

Klain has known Biden for a long time: he began working for him in 1989, when the Democrat was a senator, and accompanied him during his years as vice president to Barack Obama as chief of staff.

“Ron Klain's long and diverse experience and ability to work with people from all political backgrounds is precisely what I need for a White House Chief of Staff as we face this time of crisis. and let's bring our country together again ”, writes the elected president in his press release.

This choice was quickly greeted in particular by his former opponent of the Democratic primaries Elizabeth Warren. “Ronald Klein is a superb choice as chief of staff. He understands the importance of the health and economic crisis and has the experience to help the next administration deal with it. He won the confidence of the entire Democratic Party, ”greeted the Senator from Massachusetts.

On Twitter, Ron Klain said he was “honored” to be chosen and vowed “to give everything to guide the talented and diverse teams in the Biden-Harris White House”. “Thank you all for your kind words tonight, I am sorry that I cannot respond to each and every one of you,” writes the future chief of staff.

It will probably take another one to two weeks before Joe Biden announces the rest of his appointments, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing people close to his transition team.

The selection of the 46th President of the United States is expected at the turn by the entire Democratic Party, and especially its most progressive elected officials who hope to occupy a significant part of its administration. In particular, the left wing of the party will be vigilant that Biden keep his promise and choose a significant number of people of color and LGBTQ, as well as other minorities, in order to have a representative government of the country and its people.

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