'It won't serve his legacy': despite Trump denial, Biden moves forward on transition

Biden ruled on Tuesday that Donald Trump's attitude was 'a source of embarrassment'. Without believing that it would have 'a lot of impact' on the transfer of power between the two men.

A soap opera that goes on forever. Despite Joe Biden's announced victory in the presidential election, Donald Trump still refuses to admit defeat. For several days, he has been increasing his outings on Twitter, renewing accusations of electoral fraud without having, however, concrete elements to support them. The more days go by, the more the Republican billionaire seems to lock himself into denial.

Asked about this posture by journalists in Wilmington (Delaware), Joe Biden conceded that it was "a source of embarrassment". While he continues to receive congratulations from foreign leaders, the Democrat nevertheless stressed that this behavior will "not have much impact" on the handover. And concedes: "How can I say that delicately? It will not serve his legacy". Whoever will officially become the 46th President of the United States next January has not waited to get to work.

 Biden already at work, Trump does not let go

Joe Biden received congratulations from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday. He also met with several European leaders: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, former Trump ally in Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin. He notably affirmed his wish to "revitalize bilateral and transatlantic relations, in particular through NATO and the European Union", largely undermined by his predecessor.

For his part, Donald Trump is relatively discreet outside of his explosive interventions on social networks. "We are making great strides. The results will start to fall next week", he wrote in particular when the Minister of Justice gave the green light to the opening of investigations into possible irregularities during the ballot. The Republican also received strong support from his foreign minister Mike Pompeo, who promised a "smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

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