Trump sacked his defense minister

The president announced the firing of the Pentagon chief on Twitter. Last June, Mark Esper refused to deploy troops against racial justice protesters in American cities.

Donald Trump announced Monday “he had fired Defense Minister Mark Esper,” The Hill reported. “I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be acting Minister of Defense, a decision with immediate effect” , the US president said on Twitter. “Chris will do a great job! Mark Esper was sacked. I want to thank him for his services. ”

The Hill notes that Mark Esper's dismissal comes "days after Joe Biden was announced the presidential winner," and that Trump and Esper "have had a difficult relationship since the racial justice protests last summer" .

The Confederate Flag Discreetly Banned

At the height of these protests, Trump had indeed threatened to deploy troops to suppress them. But the defense minister publicly opposed it during a Pentagon press conference.

These differences would have irritated Donald Trump so much "that he must have been dissuaded from sacking his minister at that time," said The Hill.

Nicknamed “Mr. Yesper ”by the US president according to the New York Times, Mark Esper had distanced himself from Donald Trump after accompanying Trump to Lafayette Square in front of the White House, where demonstrators had just been repulsed with tear gas, which had sparked protests from former Pentagon officials.

Under his leadership, the Pentagon announced in July that it would ban the display of the Confederate flag on US military installations around the world. But without mentioning the word “confederate” once, to prevent Donald Trump from once again defending this flag.

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