Trump Vs Biden: Putin awaits official result to congratulate winner

Joe Biden's victory is further contested by Donald Trump.

The Kremlin said Monday, November 9 that Vladimir Putin was awaiting the announcement of the official result of the presidential election in the United States to congratulate the winner, the victory of Joe Biden being contested by Donald Trump. “We believe it is correct to wait for the official results of the elections that have taken place. I would like to remind you that President Putin has repeatedly said that he will respect the choice of the American people, whatever they may be, ”Russian presidency spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Vladimir Putin congratulated Donald Trump on his election in 2016 just over an hour after US media projections had granted him victory. Dmitry Peskov noted that "at the time, there was no legal dispute" of the result. Unlike most countries in the world, China and Russia, like Mexico and Brazil, did not congratulate Joe Biden.

Donald Trump refused to recognize his rival's victory, announced on Saturday, denouncing, without providing any evidence, fraud in favor of the Democrat, and promising legal actions to win his case. The head of the Russian electoral commission, Ella Pamfilova echoed it Monday, estimating that the postal vote in the United States left "huge spaces" to possible electoral fraud. According to her, the mail voting system in the United States would notably allow "multiple votes, the loss of 'unwanted' ballots, the rise of the vote for the dead". Postal voting, denounced by Donald Trump as a vector of fraud, has grown significantly this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Russian-American relations have continued to deteriorate since Moscow was accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential election to promote the election of Donald Trump. The American billionaire has always denied having benefited from Russian efforts, just like Mr. Putin, despite the conclusions of American investigators which led to sanctions against Russia.

The election of Joe Biden risks further increasing tensions, the former vice-president of Barack Obama having always promised more firmness with regard to Moscow, when Donald Trump did not hide his admiration for the Russian president.

According to Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin is "ready to work with any president of the United States", and Russia hopes that with "the next" it will be possible to have "a dialogue and to agree on the ways to normalize bilateral relations ”.

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