Village People rights holders attack Donald Trump for using their 'YMCA' hit

The heirs of the legendary disco group will sue Donald Trump. They refuse the use for electoral purposes of the tube 'YMCA' which the American president uses at the end of his meetings.

They are unhappy and let it be known. The beneficiaries of the Village People disco group will file a complaint, in France and in the United States, for the use, without authorization, by Donald Trump, of the tube "YMCA". In the very last days of the US presidential campaign, the world famous song 'YMCA', performed by the Village People, was the subject of equally massive and unauthorized use by candidate Donald Trump and his team, both during his meetings and as the soundtrack of a promotional video broadcast around the world, ”writes Me Richard Malka, the lawyer for the heirs of Village People.

The famous hit has become a republican anthem

This 1978 hit was written by two French people, Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, and an American, Victor Willis. And it has become a real rallying hymn in the Republican camp. Donald Trump ended all his meetings with a few dance steps to the famous song.

His campaign team also posted on Twitter, Tuesday, November 3, a montage of several sequences of his meetings, with the song of the Village People in soundtrack. It all seems ironic, since the song has been the subject of litigation since its creation. Taken in the first degree, it responds to the acronym "Young Men's Christian Association", a famous international NGO bringing together young Christian men from around the world. But in its other interpretation, it is indeed a hymn to sexual liberation in favor of the LGBT community, describing the association as a place of activity and dating for young gay men. An association that does not lack spice, knowing that evangelical Christians make up a solid base of Donald Trump's electorate.

The lawyer for the beneficiaries of Village People specifies that the holders of the rights of the French authors, as well as the company Scorpio Music, owner of the work, "discovered with amazement this misappropriation, which more is for partisan ends and elections for Donald Trump, which they would never have accepted ".

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