Donald Trump Jr urged his father will 'fight to the death' and 'go to total war'

Donald Trump Jr has called on his father to 'fight to the death' over the presidential election as he echoed his unfounded claims of voter fraud and cheating after Trump's leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia slipped further.

The president's eldest son made the comments on Thursday as he spoke at a news conference at the Georgia Republican Party Headquarters in Atlanta.

'I think the number one thing Donald Trump can do in this election is fight each and every one of these battles to the death so that we get full transparency in the process,' Don Jr said.

'And everyone on the Democrat side should welcome this unless they are actually cheating.'

Don Jr cast doubt on the counting process, accusing Democrats of ignoring election deadlines, claiming boxes of invalid ballots 'magically' appeared in Democratic states and counties after voting had ended.

'We know that's against the law, but you get in front of a Democrat judge in a Democrat city with Democrat control and it's okay,' he said.

'I think the Democrats are used to this from a Republican party that hasn't had a backbone - you're not going to see that this time around,' he added, prompting cheers from the crowd.

He also claimed it was a 'statistical impossibility' for Trump not to receive a single vote in certain counties where up to 123,000 ballots were all counted in Joe Biden's favor.

'Does anyone believe that this is possible?' he asked, drawing a resounding 'no' from the crowd.

'Because it's not, it's a statistical impossibility. It's happened not just once, it's happened over and over again. '

'Americans need to know that this is not a banana republic and right now very few people have faith that's not the case,' he added.

Don Jr made similar comments in a tweet earlier in the evening, in which he said his father should 'go to total war' and 'expose all of the fraud that has been going on for far too long.'

The tweet was quickly flagged by Twitter for containing 'misleading content about an election or other civic process.' 

He then responded to the warning label in a follow up tweet saying: 'Twitter is censoring and flagging this of course why would we not want to find out if these things exist? 

'If they don't then we will find nothing and people could maybe regain some faith in the process which doesn't exist now. Why would they be against finding potential fraud?'

His comments came just moments after President Trump called the entire election process into question in an extraordinary White House statement that was cut off by at least seven television networks. Trump claimed he was the victim of a conspiracy by 'big media, big money and big tech,' for 'historic election interference.'

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