Donald Trump asks his supporters to fund his legal costs to challenge the result

The Republican has launched, in an email sent to all his supporters, an 'election defense fund', through which he hopes to recover donations from valuable contributors.

The still current President of the United States Donald Trump is already planning to challenge the results of the presidential election in court. Due, in particular, to postal votes which he considers fraudulent.

To do this, the Republican campaign team launched this Friday, November 6, in an email sent to all its supporters, an "Election Defense Fund", through which it hopes to recover the donations of precious contributors.

“The Democrats are trying to steal this election from us. We will not let them. (...) You have always been one of my most fervent supporters - and that is why I am sending you an urgent request, ”we can read in the email, relayed by Metro. "I need YOUR HELP to stop the destabilization of this election by the LEFT." The email then asks the recipient to contribute a minimum of $ 5. Up to $ 2,800 can be sent.


Donald Trump's lawyers have already launched multiple legal actions at the state level, with for example the threat to request a recount in Wisconsin. Democrats believe the complaints to be unfounded, but these appeals could delay approval of the results by days or weeks. In Michigan and Georgia, two judges have already dismissed Republican appeals.

One of the battles concerns Pennsylvania, where authorities have been overwhelmed by the volume of ballots received in the mail. At the behest of Camp Trump, a judge ordered local officials to allow Republican observers into the Philadelphia convention center where the count takes place. It was here that Trump's lawyers, including Rudy Giuliani, went on Wednesday.

This Friday afternoon, neither of the two candidates had yet been declared the winner. The State of Georgia, decisive because it has 16 large voters, is for the moment in the hands of the Democratic candidate, while only 2% of ballots remain to be counted.

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