Joe Biden optimistic: 'We think we'll win'

The US presidential election is nearing its end and Democratic candidate Joe Biden is on track to succeed Donald Trump in the White House. He spoke from Wilmington, Delaware.

The moment was important, full of gravity. On the stage installed in Wilmington, in his stronghold of Delaware, the Democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden did not pour into triumphalism, despite the extremely important gain of Wisconsin a few minutes before, after having removed his protective mask against possible contamination with Covid-19. Accompanied by his running mate Kamala Harris, he first reaffirmed that all votes should be counted, recalling that never so many Americans had voted in the long history of American democracy.

“I didn't come to tell you that we won. I have come to tell you that when the count is over, we think we will win, ”he said in his brief speech. For the first time since 2000, Americans did not know the name of their next president (who will be sworn in on January 20, 2021) the day after the poll and Donald Trump has already announced that he would initiate appeals, especially in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Confident of being the winner of the election, both for the general population and in Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Democratic candidate was careful not to repeat the bellicose rhetoric of his Republican opponent. He has spoken to all Americans, even pro-Trump. “We have to live together again. I am not naive, it will not be easy (...) but we are not enemies. I campaigned as a Democrat, but I will rule like the president who will represent each of you, ”he said.

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