Donald Trump succeeds in seducing Latin Americans

The Republican candidate wins Texas and Florida in the US presidential race. Two states with large Latin American communities. An electorate that ultimately did not go to Joe Biden, who is struggling more than expected to seduce citizens from minorities.

A symbol that reflects a broader results dynamic: Joe Biden almost didn't win in America's most Latina constituency. El Diario even talks about an “electoral mystery” about Starr County in South Texas. The Spanish-speaking New York daily reports that four years ago Trump only won around 20% of the vote. This time, he achieves the score of 47.1% of the vote against 52.1% for his opponent.

“How has Trump regained so much ground in four years? There is no clear explanation. " The constituency has no less than 96% Latinos and it is also one of the poorest regions in the country, with half of its inhabitants living below the poverty line. Still, this narrow defeat does not prevent the outgoing president from winning Texas and its 38 voters.

Strategically crucial, Florida is also falling into the Republican hands. And the Latin vote isn't for nothing there again, according to the Nuevo Herald. This support is important in the great city of Miami. Compared to the 2016 poll, Trump is consolidating his base with the Cuban-American community. And most importantly, for the big Spanish-speaking Miami daily, "it has gained popularity among Hispanic voters from other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Colombia, by constantly campaigning against the specter of socialism."
Joe Biden lagging behind among minorities

The lesson is learned by The Nation, which harshly punishes the Democratic candidate's campaign with the headline: "Ignoring Latino voters, Biden made the ballot close." The magazine, marked on the left, analyzes the erosion of Democratic support by minority voters.

And the reasons would be found in the socio-economic composition of these minorities, over-represented in the working classes. Unlike his opponent, Joe Biden did not know how to address the most disadvantaged. He would have preferred to focus on recapturing former Republican voters, many "suburban white people," which "dampened the economic populism Democrats needed to attract workers."

Biden's failure or Trump's success? In a brief analysis, British Conservative newspaper The Telegraph sees this dynamic as a call not to interpret everything through the prism of ethnicity, which the left tends to do:

     "How ironic if Trump kept himself in the race thanks to Hispanics! Indeed, since the announcement of his first candidacy, we have been told that he is racist and hates Mexicans. Perhaps his speech goes deeper than what the left is ready to recognize. ”

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