In campaign for Biden, Obama no longer holds back his blows against Trump

In the home stretch before the November 3 election, Barack Obama is back on stage to support his former right arm and win his camp. And the former President of the United States is happy to ridicule his successor.

A final battle “Trump vs Obama” took shape on Tuesday, October 27, believes the Chicago Tribune, the former president playing “the high-profile substitutes for Democratic candidate Joe Biden” in the home stretch of the campaign for the election of November 3.

At an open-air rally in Orlando, key state of Florida, where "Democrats hope he can help spark excitement among the Democratic base and encourage blacks, Latinos and younger voters (…) To go to the polls ”, Barack Obama attacked Donald Trump, says CNN.

    "His closing point? Is that people are too focused on Covid. He [Trump] said that during one of his meetings. 'Covid, Covid, Covid', he complained. is jealous of the media coverage of Covid. ”

"This president claims all the credit for an economy he inherited and rejects any responsibility for a pandemic he has ignored," added Barack Obama.

Donald Trump immediately hit back on Twitter, saying, “Now FoxNews is broadcasting Obama's mock unpublished speech for Biden, a man he could barely support because he couldn't believe he won.”
Obama "trolls his troll, President Trump"

Barack Obama's approach is unusual in the United States, CNN notes. “Former presidents generally avoid directly attacking their successor in the White House. (...) But the way Trump kept attacking Obama, even going so far as to suggest he should be indicted, has changed habits, prompting the former president to get involved in the campaign. "

Obama “trolls his troll, President Trump”, summarizes the New York Times. “Clearly taking the opportunity to get revenge on his successor, the former president has shown a willingness to strike on behalf of Joe Biden, whose campaign is focused on unity.” A sharing of roles aimed at preserving the image of "national healer" that his former right-hand man seeks to give. The return of Barack Obama is "motivated by the desire to help in any way possible" Joe Biden to win the poll, explains the daily. “This summer, at the Democrats 'virtual convention,” the article recalls, he had already “warned that Mr. Trump's re-election' will demolish [it] our democracy.”

Likewise, the Washington Post believes that by making this "scathing speech" and blatantly ridiculing Trump, Obama "let his inner Trumpian troll speak." It is "the apparent recognition, by [him] and others, that fire must be fought with fire."

"The polite vitriol of Mr. Obama is far below what Mr. Trump might say in a typical rally," the New York Times, however, qualifies. And, “comparatively,” the former Democratic president is less inclined to stray from the facts than the Republican occupant of the Oval Office. “A member of the Obama team said all of his prepared spades have been fact-checked.”

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