Trump multiplies insults against Kamala Harris

Multiplying meetings in the key state of Pennsylvania, Monday, Donald Trump reserved a round of insults to Democratic Senator Kamala Harris.

Eight days before the presidential election, Donald Trump is trying by all means to caricature his opponents. During a meeting in Allentown, in the key state of Pennsylvania where he was to participate in several rallies Monday, the President of the United States multiplied the insults against Joe Biden and his running mate, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris. Used to sexist remarks, especially when it comes to women politicians, Donald Trump displays a special contempt for Kamala Harris and does not shrink from any insult: on October 9, the day after the debate on the candidates for the vice-presidency, he had called the candidate with a dismissive expression - "that monster who was on stage with Mike Pence". He also tries to make a scarecrow out of it, claiming that "Mad Nancy Pelosi (the Democrat at the head of the House of Representatives, ndr) wants to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris" by plotting against Biden after his election. There is no evidence to support this hypothesis, but it fits with the narrative that Donald Trump has been trying to impose since the appointment of Biden as Democratic candidate: according to Trump, the former president would be a senile old man, unable to govern and who will be quickly replaced by its vice-president, much younger.

Monday in Pennsylvania, he saw fit to ironize about the laughter of Kamala Harris, twice evoking a passage from the show "60 Minutes", broadcast the day before, in which Kamala Harris laughs when the reporter asks him if she considers its approach "socialist or progressive". "Biden's running mate Kamala Harris ... Did you see her the other night on TV with that laugh?" "Ha ha ha ..." She laughed at a horrible question and she just laughed, she thought it was so funny. " Then, thirty minutes later, Donald Trump took up the same refrain. "Did you see '60 Minutes' last night? This show is a joke but (...) it was fine. Did you see what [Biden] did on that show? Kamala was almost as bad. With laughter. "Ha ha ha that's so funny. Ha ha ha." She kept laughing, I said: does she have a problem too? She won't be the first woman president, don't let that happen. I said: does she have a problem? She couldn't stop laughing, ”insisted the president.

Trump wants to make Harris a scarecrow

Beyond the mockery, Trump hopes to present the vice-presidential candidate as a Trojan horse of the left of the Democratic Party. "Senator furthest to the left ... (...) she is further to the left than Bernie the madman (Bernie Sanders, ndr). She even supported the "green new deal" to 100,000 billion dollars, "said Trump in particular, relying on the texts she supported in the Senate. The Republican camp as a whole is rocketing against Kamala Harris, aiming for her tenure as attorney general of California, before her arrival in the Senate, to present her as the champion of repressive penal policies, a picture in radical contradiction to that of the “Leftmost senator”.

In Allentown, Donald Trump insulted other women, including journalist Lesley Stahl, who interviewed him for "60 Minutes" and whose questions he did not appreciate, to the point of cutting the interview short. He also insulted Savannah Guthrie, a journalist who had put him in trouble two weeks ago ("crazy") and Nancy Pelosi ("crazy" too).

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