Trump can make America great again, says New York Post

The conservative New York Post is one of the very few American media outlets to give official support to the incumbent president. He considers that when it comes to the economy, foreign policy and immigration, Donald Trump 'kept his promises' and that re-electing him 'is the best choice' for the United States.

Paraphrasing the American president, the New York Post calls, in its October 26 edition, to "make America great again" by voting Donald Trump. This is an endorsement, a traditional practice of many American newspapers, which decide to give their official support to a candidate to help undecided voters make their choice.

As in 2016, Donald Trump's candidacy is backed by only a handful of newspapers, and the conservative New York tabloid is one of them. He explains in particular that before the containment measures imposed by the coronavirus, the unemployment rate stood at 3.5% in the United States, "the lowest in half a century". Before adding:

   "We can return to the many job openings, rising wages and general prosperity that we enjoyed before the pandemic. We can enjoy freedom and economic opportunity and resist 'cancel culture' and censorship. . We can put the 'annus horribilis' 2020 behind us and make America great again. We can do all of this, if we make the right choice on November 3. The 'New York Post' supports the re-election of President Donald Trump. ”

The elections are still about the economy, but it "has never been more the case than this year", adds the tabloid, which, four years ago, had left voters to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton . “A Joe Biden government would be indebted to a socialist left that wants to change the country and make it more dependent on public debt,” assures the New York Post.
A “conceited and susceptible” president

The newspaper admits, however, that Trump has a habit "of speaking before he thinks" on Twitter, that he is "conceited and susceptible", and that one can only "advise him" to calm the spirits rather than "throw oil on the fire ”. In particular, this would make the country “happier” and improve its popularity rating.

But according to the New York daily, the question "is what matters most: words or deeds?" And when it comes to the economy, foreign policy and immigration, Donald Trump “kept his promises,” the New York Post says:

    "He will not seek to change the country. He is convinced that America, with his support but without interference, will get back on its feet. In short, he will not stand in his way. Re-electing him is the best choice. for the United States. ”

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