Deeming the questions 'difficult', Donald Trump ends an interview

After a muscular interview conducted by Lesley Stahl, Donald Trump did not return for the second part of the interview. He complained about 'difficult' questions.

A tense and shortened interview. On Sunday, CBS News aired the famous “60 Minutes” program, the issue of which was devoted to the presidential election. It was to include a joint interview with Donald Trump and Mike Pence, but the former refused to return after his one-on-one interview. The passage showing the departure of the American president was broadcast on the air: we see him complaining that Lesley Stahl, the senior journalist at the head of the program, asked him "difficult questions". "You have mentioned a lot of subjects that have been raised inappropriately," assures Donald Trump, who was notably questioned about the Covid-19 pandemic and the slogans chanted by his supporters during meetings, calling for the imprisonment of 'Hillary Clinton.

"I told you that I was going to ask you difficult questions," the journalist reminds him. “They were brought in inappropriately. Your first question was: "These are going to be tough questions." You do not ask Joe Biden that, I saw your interview with Joe, the interview with Joe Biden, ”he continues, repeating his grievances with the press he considers ganged against him against the Democrat. "I never did an interview with Joe Biden," defends Lesley Stahl, whose answer does not seem to stop the billionaire: "It was rubbish. The "60 Minutes" interview. I see Joe Biden, who gets easy question after easy question. I've seen all of his interviews. We never ask him a hard question. ” "Okay, but forget it for a minute, you're the president," Lesley Stahl tries to bounce, to no avail. "I think we've had enough interview here, Hope," he said, presumably speaking to his advisor Hope Hicks. Let's go, let's go. See you for two seconds, okay? ”

"Look at the biases, hatred and rudeness of 60 Minutes and CBS"

After the departure of the US president, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany presented Lesley Stahl with an imposing bound volume, which she said contained Donald Trump's plan for the healthcare system to succeed Obamacare, which she said. 'he wishes to repeal. “It was heavy. Full of decrees, congressional initiatives, but no specific plan for the health system, ”noted the journalist. Donald Trump, supposed to return for the rest of the program with a joint interview with Mike Pence, has not returned. “President Trump is a straight talker. I think that's one of his great strengths as President of the United States, the American people always know their way of thinking, ”defended his vice-president. “And he's always ready. The American people know it. It's less about an exchange with the media, it's really more about the way in which we are going to redress this country, ”he continues, refocusing the interview on the administration's policy to relaunch the countries during the pandemic.

Before the broadcast of the interview, recorded this week at the White House, Donald Trump unveiled a version on social networks on Thursday: “Look at the prejudices, the hatred and the rudeness of 60 Minutes and CBS. The presenter of this evening, Kristen Welker, is much worse! ”He wrote a few hours before the debate against Joe Biden, before the work of the NBC News reporter was praised by both camps. The channel had criticized this "unprecedented decision not to respect the agreement" between the two parties, which "will not prevent" 60 Minutes "from broadcasting a full, fair and contextualized report in which the presidents have participated for years" .

He had also posted a short five-second video showing Lesley Stahl without a mask, chatting, during his visit to the White House - when he himself had worn very little masks and refused, again, to call for compliance with this sanitary instruction.

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